McDonald’s India Looking Back At 2017

Now that we are all comfortably snuggled into 2018, let us take a look back at the year that’s gone by and how it changed the game at McDonald’s India.

Now that we are all comfortably snuggled into 2018, let us take a look back at the year that’s gone by and how it changed the game at McDonald’s India. It would be apt to call 2017 the year of the Macca! With so many firsts lined up in the last year, it’s bound that we take a look back and relish the sweet victories. There were so many new things that we witnessed together, most of which were tainted with the ‘rights’ of the world, so it gives us even more reason to celebrate all the good that happened which made 2017 a milestone year for us to always remember.

Here are things that made 2017 a year of many firsts for McDonald’s India:

McDonald’s India (West and South) stepped into the future when the first McDonald’s Experience of the Future (EOTF) restaurant launched in Mumbai. The EOTF outlets drawn a clear picture of how McDonald’s India is transforming itself to be at par with the most developed countries across the globe.

2017 also saw the arrival of the Dosa Masala Brioche at McDonald’s (West and South) as part of the McDonald’s breakfast menu which had already become a hit among the customers, and with the addition of an innovative option into the Breakfast at McDonald’s menu, love and praise was showered for always taking steps towards bringing food closer to the people. The spice and tang of a masala dosa inside everyone’s favorite burger buns was sure to make the Dosa Masala Brioche a super hit.

Apart from the many firsts, 2017 also became the first 100th for the most popular brand extension- McCafé. With the coffee here rated most highly across the globe (higher than Starbucks), and a vast menu to choose your beverages and snacks from, you are sure to love every single minute of being at a McCafé near you.

McDonalds India has now become a pioneer of innovation when it comes to our food. We have always loved to create and re-create our food to bring it closer to the people, who are always at the center of our new product launches and ideas. In 2017, they brought India not just one, not just two or three but 14 new products to choose from. Yes! That’s right. And these were flavours inspired from across the globe like the Chatpata Naan, Cheesy Italian burgers and American Cream and Onion fries. Visit your nearest McDonalds restaurant and believe it.

Another cherished ‘first” that happened in 2017 was when we held an exhibition in Bengaluru, for our most interesting fan- Sunil Chawla. He is the proud owner of over 300 Happy Meal toys and we were thrilled to be able to display his collection during the exhibition to honor him. With the first of his 300 toys being over 18 years old, Sunil has managed to capture 300 happy memories within his toys at McDonald’s. McDonald’s India (West and South) works towards creating magic like this every year, with 2017 being no exception.

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