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You’ve been thinking about it for a long time: your dream of opening your own vape shop. Vaping is definitely the “it” thing right now, it’s up and coming,...

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time: your dream of opening your own vape shop. Vaping is definitely the “it” thing right now, it’s up and coming, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The market is positively exploding and the time to get on the scene is now. There is money to be made and so much promise lying ahead for the industry. Is the process of getting your shop off the ground holding you back? Have you already established a shop, but now you’re unsure of how to expand? Kingdom Vapor is here to help you achieve continued success in your mission of owning a killer successful vape shop. Why should you choose Kingdom Vapor as the vape wholesale distributor for all of your vapor product needs? Here are a few reasons you can bet on Kingdom Vapor to guarantee your vaping victory!

No Minimum Order Quantities
When we decided to pursue our own dreams of launching a retail and wholesale vaping business, we realized from the start that we didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of so many other companies by restricting our customers through something called “minimum order quantities.” This is a policy that many companies, both within this industry and many other industries, have in place in order to move their own inventory at a more rapid rate and increase their own profits. However, this policy is never really beneficial to the clientele, because it requires them to invest greater money into purchasing quantities of a given product that may not fit their needs or even end up selling out within their shop. This was something we had experienced and we were determined to make customer satisfaction and convenience our top priority. You know what you need and how much you need; that’s your business and we aren’t here to nickel and dime you with ridiculous minimum order quantities!

We Know The Market Trends
We at Kingdom Vapor are passionate about vaping, that’s why we’re in this industry. We’re vaping nerds who are dedicated to being on top of the latest trends, changes, advances, and updates to hit the market. We are personally invested in keeping track of these things and we bring that to the table as professionals by being able to hand-select the very best products amongst those “in the know” in vaping. If we are stocking a product, it’s because we have vetted it ourselves and deemed it worthy of sale as a Vape Wholesale Distributor. What this means for you is that anything you purchase from us has already been approved by self-described vaping snobs, and therefore is sure to impress and please your clientele. It’s also sure to be the latest and greatest that your clients are seeking out.

We Have the Variety
Depending on your location and demographics, your needs will vary to meet the demands and expectations of your clientele. A universal truth, however, is that variety is the spice of…vaping (and the spice of life, so we’ve heard). Just like with any other product, your customers are sure to have some already-established preferences and favorites, but a great way to build your company is to provide options that will keep your customers expanding their palates, trying new things, and coming back for more. Our wholesale selection of mods and e-liquids is wide and everchanging to keep up with the market trends. We offer both regulated and unregulated mods. Our e-liquid selection includes varieties of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerol) juices, as well as nicotine salts, a recently increasing market trend. With our wide selection of juices in popular, tasty flavors, you are sure to find the right options to meet your needs and make your vape shop the most popular stop in town!

So, whatever you need to stock your vape shop with, we’re sure to have it at Kingdom Vapor. Check us out online or give us a call at 1-814-297-8240 and we’ll help lead you to every vaping product you need!

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