Fortunes and Luck – The Science of Prediction

Indian Astrology – An Ancient Practice

Indian astrology is an ancient discipline of techniques and theories that has governed daily life and rituals since time immemorial. Some of the leading astrologers of the world have come from India and this old science is a very good source of insight on life and the challenges and aspirations associated with it. Modern lifestyles can be overwhelming on the self, and astrology is one of the trusted old ways of life counselling that millions of Indians have faith in. A good astrologer will be able to use your basic details to give you a neutral and larger picture point of view which will help you find solutions and identify problems that may have not observed before.

Elements of Astrology

Astrology is the discipline of studying planetary and universal movements and correlating them with an individual, based on certain elements. The Zodiac, the lunar mansions, the planetary periods, the planets themselves and the different alignments of the planets are key factors in Vedic astrology. The correlation between these movements and a person’s time of birth can give insights into the person’s life. Auspicious and inauspicious omens can be identified, and astrology can help you find the most positive time periods to increase your chances at making successful decisions.

The Modern Relevance of Astrology

Enjoy daily and annual astrology reports from astrologers in Bangalore with the click of a button. Astrology reports give people guidance for decision making in several aspects of life, both personal and professional. You can also get completely personalised astrology reports curated by experts, based on your birth-times. You can get a detailed gemstone recommendation based on your astrology readings or get a full-life horoscope done. The latter will include predictions and advice for marriage, career, health and finance along with insights in your personality.

Astrology is also used to determine baby names. Compatibility between prospective couples is also determined via astrology. Specialised astrology services dedicated to kundali milan (match-making) and numerology reports for baby names are now available through platforms like Aadishakti.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card reading has for a long time been misrepresented by images of mysterious gypsy women warning the world about doom while hunched over a set of elaborate cards. However, the art of tarot reading is not solely about divination and the sensational imagery is far from the actual purpose of the discipline. In reality, tarot cards are a method of introspection and give participants insights to attain higher self.

There are two types of readings – questions and open. The latter addresses general issues of life like marriage, relationships and education while the former addresses a specific question that is of interest to the participant.

If you are looking for an established tarot card reader in Bangalore is a city with many options. Connect with a trusted platform and get the services of the best.

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