French Experience With A Cosy Vibe

I woke up this morning feeling a little light-headed, but thank god it was a Sunday. I decided that I would stay in and read a book, it’s been a long time that I hadn’t read any book. As I made myself a cup of coffee, my roommate walked in and started convincing me to go out shopping with her. I really wasn’t in the mood to go out, and I swiftly refused. She kept nagging me, and then I started reconsidering the idea of staying in. A girl’s day out does sound like a nice plan, I thought, considering the fact that it had been a long time since I went out with my girlfriends. Also, I could stop by and get some books to read. So I took a shower and started getting ready. We decided to go to CP, the most famous hangout and shopping hub in Delhi.

First we went to H&M and I was overwhelmed by the latest collection. I picked up a few clothes and tried them on. My friend would be going to Goa in a month so she was checking out the bikini collection. H&M had really done an amazing job by providing us with quality clothes at such reasonable prices. I picked out evening wear, as I was planning on going for a date next week. Next, I got myself a pair of sandals, nothing extravagant. I bought some accessories as well since I love to pair my clothes with good jewelry. After getting out from H&M, we clicked some photos and we laughed a lot, catching up on good old school days. It was already around 5 pm, and we were famished. So we started looking out for cafe restaurants in cp.

CP cafes are more or less the same, serving the same food all over again. We wanted to try something new. So my friend searched for famous eating places in CP and found this recently opened cafe called Brioche Doree at M Block, CP. We had a quick look at the website and unanimously agreed on going to this place. As soon as we entered the place, we were greeted with the fine aroma of freshly baked croissants. This high-street bakery was quintessentially French, as we stared starry-eyed at the sugary delights. We were already impressed with the ambiance and quickly took a seat at one end of the room. Obsessing over the place, I quickly took a photo of the place and posted it on Instagram. We were going through the menu and came across quite a few interesting dishes, which we hadn’t tried before. So we finally ordered a Mushroom & smoked cheese quiche, almond pain-au-chocolat croissants, and pizza puffs. We ordered vanilla tea and a cup of cappuccino to gulp down the food. As we waited for our food to arrive, we adored the place and were marveling at their amazing playlist. It reminded me of school days, and how we used to sing classic rock songs at the top of our voice during excursions.

When the food arrived, we were delighted. Maybe because we were starved, the food tasted even better than usual. CP cafes are hardly any good nowadays, but this cafe was totally doing justice to its name. The quiches had a crunchy crust and were baked to perfection; we loved every bit of it. I loved the croissants, which had a creamy center filled with chocolate. The best part was the cappuccino, which came adorned with Brioche Doree’s signature. At the end of the hearty meal, I was very happy and satisfied with my decision to come out today. This place definitely counts among the top CP cafes for me.

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