From where can you get the best electronic security systems?

If you own an office or a building, you must be aware of the fact that keeping your things secure is not easy these days. You cannot be around all the time to make sure that the information in your company remains safe. Hence, it is important to resort to practices which will ensure that your office remains safe and secure from any unauthorized access. In this regard, electronic security (seguridad electronica) systems provided by the C-team have become quite famous these days. There are a wide range of products which are available including automatic surveillance, alarm systems, point-to-point links (enlaces punto a punto) etc. Let us have a look at those products and services.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance (video vigilancia) is one of the most popular ways of monitoring your office or building. The system provided by C-team comprise of high definition cameras and large storage devices which can store the video from the past many days. The cameras can be stored at different locations and at a particular height to ensure that no one is able to remove them. Moreover, C-team systems also comprise of special kind of lights which are installed with cameras in order to ensure that the video recorded at night is also clear enough.

Access control

Various features for access control (control de acceso) are provided by C-team in order to provide security to your information. Fingerprint readers are installed on computers and entrance systems in order to prevent unauthorized access. In some cases, card reader is installed in the building and only those people with a valid id card are allowed access to the system. The card simply needs to be scanned by the card reader.

Intrusion alarms

Automatic intrusion alarms are extremely important to prevent unauthorized access into a building. The sensors are installed all over the place and as soon as someone enters the place after the office timings, the alarm rings right away. Moreover, in order to detect unauthorized access, there are also finger-print sensors installed by the C-team. These sensors check the finger-print of the person, match it with the pre-stored database and check if the person should be allowed access to the building or not. In case the person trying to enter the building is not registered, alarm will ring and important people will be notified immediately to warn them about unauthorized access.

Monitoring on mobile phone

The high-speed internet installed by C-team in your office also ensures that you receive the real-time video stream from your office cameras right on your phone. A special mobile phone application has been developed which you need to install on your phone. Once done, you need to sign into it with your login id and password. After that, whenever you wish to see your office on your mobile phone, you simply need to connect to the internet and open this application on your phone.

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