FUE technique, a revolution in hair transplantation

The FUE technique is a variant of Follicular Micro transplant with an individual and direct extraction of follicular units from the donor area. This procedure has been practiced for more than a decade. However, the advanced majors have been produced about five years ago, as a result of the improvement of the extraction instruments. In general, the Classic Follicular Micro transplant (FUS or strip) is still the method most used by hair surgeons, but baldness treatment in Pakistan gives better results. To effect the direct extraction of follicular units, it is necessary to shave the donor area. After applying local anesthesia, the surgeon proceeds to the unitary extirpation with a cylindrical scalpel also called micro punch. The diameter of this surgical tool ranges between 0.6 and 0.9 millimeters. Through this technique, we can extract the number of follicular units that we desire. The only limitation that exists is the fatigue of the patient and the number of follicles that the donor area gives us. Hair restoration Pakistan will regain your hair.

The expertise of the surgeon is fundamental in this phase of the process since each follicular unit has to remain intact. That is, a transaction of own follicles cannot occur. The second step of Fue hair transplant clinic Pakistan consists of removing each follicular unit with a clamp. To do this, a light intensity traction is performed to detach it from the base of the dermal tissue. The small hole will close in a few days, but there will be a circular scar that looks whitish.

After extraction, it is essential to maintain follicular units in vitro, which must remain preserved at low temperature and with adequate hydration. Subsequently, it proceeds to its implementation in the receiving area. This operation is performed by micro incisions, as is done in the conventional micro-transplant technique. The FUE technique is especially indicated for surgeries in which a not very high number of follicular units are required.

This is the case of patients with limited loss in small areas, such as the first line or the entries. In addition, Fue hair transplant Pakistan offers good results in scarring alopecia of scarce extension, small areas (eyebrows, whiskers, etc.) and in repair surgery as a complement to improve other surgical techniques. Some of the advantages of this procedure are that the patient does not need stitches and does not have a scar line. It is also possible to extract hair from any area of the body and even choose certain follicles according to different needs.

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