Fun Car Games

When it comes to travelling to our holiday destination by car, one of the factors that make travelling by car more comfortable is related to the characteristics of the vehicle. When our trip starts with a car hire Malaga airport, for example, there is a wide range of vehicles from which we can choose the best option regarding price, space, consumption or whatever characteristics we value most from a car for travelling. The entertainment during the trip is essential. In order to keep your kids entertained, you can try out to play some fun games:

  1. I spy: One of the players has to pick an object and give hints about it, for example “I spy with my little eye, something yellow”. The others have to guess the object.
  2. Counting (red) cars. This game consists in counting all the red cars that you pass by. You can choose the color of the car.
  1. “Guess the person”. One player has to think of a famous person or that is known by everyone in the car. Another player has to ask questions in order to to guess the person. Answers can only be “yes” or “no.
  2. I pack my suitcase. This game will test your memory! Each player has to pick an object he or she would put in a suitcase. The twist is that before adding an object, you have to repeat everything that has been said so far.

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