Funny Games of Car for Children

There are some trips by car which are longest to normal trip. In this type of trips children are getting bored due to they are sitting in the same position several hours. So, it is important take a time to organize some game to create a comfortable ambient for them during the trip. This type of long trip is sometimes drive in a car hire; so, it is a new and unknown place for them. In this case, the games are a successful solution to have a nice and comfortable time.

Treasure bag: this game needs too much imagination due to the fact that an adult or children  have a magic bag in the hand. Within the bag there is something unknown which someone has to guess it. One of them will ask several questions until guess the insider of the bag. If the boy or girl is biggest, the only answer could be yes or not.

Looking for shapes. The goal of this game is that someone chooses a geometric form. Once a geometric form is chosen, everybody have to look for thing with the same form. The winner of the game will be who says more stuff with that form during the travel. This game will boost the imagination of children and they have to think too.

The crazy phrase. It is a simple game but children love it because they have fun playing this game. One of them starts and says a word and the other have to create a phrase. The main goal of the game is create a “crazy phrase”; it is a funny way to train the memory to remember last words.

Guess the song. This game is ideal to families who like the music and sing. While they are listening the radio, they will have to guess the song`s name and the first one will be the winner of the game. If you usually listen to the radio, this is your perfect car game.


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