FUT: An Advanced Way of the Hair Transplants

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant has come in an advanced version with the modern closing technique of the Trichophytic closure and all easily available at an affordable hair transplant cost in India. The hair transplant procedure got many advancements and modernization since its inception that when it simply came with the punch grafting technique. The advanced FUT is the modified version of the FUT technique that involves the linear strip excision containing hair follicles is removed, followed by the bio-stimulating healing booster, i.e., and the PRP technique that improves the outcome of the procedure. The advancement in the hair transplant procedure improves the results and successfully applied in many cases to sort out the issue of the pattern baldness or the Androgenic alopecia mainly and also successfully applied to restore hair when a patient is affected by the spot baldness (Alopecia areata), Telogen effluvium, Anagen effluvium, etc.

In this Article, we are mentioning the merits of the Advanced FUT over the regular FUE technique can be described by the following Points: -

  1. The Extraction Process Encourages the Graft Numbers: The extraction process for obtaining the grafts or follicular units in the FUT hair transplant facilitates the option of receiving a number of grafts/follicular units in a single session without the possibility of mega damages. The linear strip is excised from the back and sides of the scalp containing hair follicles that are later sent to the dissection process. The dissection job is meticulously performed by the technicians under the hair higher magnification of the microscopes, i.e., 20X and 200X. The linear strip excision from the DHT-resistant zone assures us about the permanent grafts that give the long lasting results. The linear strip excision also confirms the saving of a number of grafts as the chances of damages are very less and the strip allows the possibility of getting a number of viable grafts just in a single session. 
  2. The Possibility of covering the High Density: The FUT makes the possibility of covering the high-density hair transplant in a single session. Since the surgeon is able to extract a mega number of grafts via the strip of the skin. The strip allows a surgeon to obtain the expected number of hair follicles or grafts that fulfil the desired density and meet the aesthetic challenge of the hair transplant procedure.
  3. The Survival of Grafts are Quite Possible: There is a higher chance for the survival of grafts as the strip containing the grafts that are meticulously dissected by the technicians in order to save them and keep it viable until the process of hair root implantation. The dissection of grafts via the strip precisely performed by the use of the higher magnification of the microscopes. More survival of grafts means more possibility of covering the higher grade, hence widely accepted in the hair transplant world to meet the challenges of this sophisticated cosmetic procedure.
  4. A Scarless Result is quite possible: The advanced FUT gives the scarlesss result as the Trichophytic closure is done to close the incision areas. The procedure of FUT is now getting more familiar due to its scarless results and thus widely applied to almost every grade of baldness to achieve the best-desired results.
  5. The Permanent Outcome: The FUT gives the permanent results due to the extraction of the grafts only from the DHT-resistant zone that gives the permanent roots because of the roots, retaining the character of DHT-resistant despite being transplanted to another location of the scalp. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the best outcome if performed by the expert surgeon who carefully selects the right technique to cover the available grade of baldness with full of aesthetic touch and cosmetically accepted goal.

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