Nonstop Entertainment With XBOX ONE


If you are a gaming freak we have ultimate surprise for you the new and improved gaming console is out in the market with plenty much to offer, this gaming console is to be called Xbox ONE. It is a media center which was always promised by Microsoft.

Packaging of the console is immense; you will be delighted after you take the console when you unpack it. Design of the xbox one is more momentous than the previous console, by the looks of it you can easily tell that the console is perfectly built and reliable.
This unique gaming machine that might look a little huge as a gamer but its surely is a next gen gaming machine.

Let us find out what you can do with your xbox one .
Take Control Of Your Console
You can control your console completely by different voice commands for instance if you want to play the game or simply wants to switch on the console when its on standby you say xbox on and the console turns on by itself or you can change channels turn on the volume or even listen to songs by issuing voice commands that’s one of the main factors to be buying this video gaming machine.

Get to  Watch Live TV With Modified home Screen
Xbox one allows you to watch live tv or live shows of your favorite choice straight from your console, that means you can leave your game in the middle and go live on the internet to watch your favorite videos or tv soaps live and you will get alerts of your gaming. Xbox one will give you a option to modified home screen so each gamer or user will have a separate home screen to keep things the way he wants.

Logged And Share Every Moments while playing
Xbox one is also comes with a striking feature of DVR with the help of that you can record upto 5 minutes of game play. If you achieve something remarkable while playing you can instantly record it and share it with your friends or other games while game sharing.

Do More with Xbox
With xbox one you can do much more than you imagine, it will work in several ways and serves as multiplayer gaming machine, xbox one also allows you to get 2 screens at a time so you can have other things to do while playing suppose you can listen to music or manage to watch your desired game which you be waiting for a long period of time.

You can also find the player with your choice and challenge them to play with you. There’s an advanced option which permit you to match players the way you wanted.

Another worthwhile feature is the controllers of the console, especially there trigger buttons they are augmented and well carved to give you soothing relaxation to your fingers. Right next to the trigger buttons you will see 4 vibrating pads which vibrate or shake accordingly with every new weapon you use in the game and also give you the feel that you actually in the game.

Xbox one is one of the best gaming console in the current day, this ultimate gaming machine gives pleasure to the gamers and enhance the gaming experience upto new heights xbox is with splendid controllers unrivaled media visage and superior software. Now you can have these gaming devices on the most influential website which offering xbox one console price in Pakistan. Visit them online view the available models they had to offer and make your decision.

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