Ugadi Tournament at Adda52 Rummy for Prize Pool of Rs. 8 Lakhs

The Grand Ugadi Tournament to happen on 18th March is a ticket to Rupees 8 lakhs!

Adda52 rummy heralds spring with an outstanding Ugadi Rummy tournament.

Come 18th March and all online rummy fans are bound to stay hooked to their rummy playing devices! No two guesses there. It’s because the Grand Ugadi Rummy Tournament is set to commence on 18th March at 3.30PM on adda52 rummy, an outstanding online rummy site!

The Grand Ugadi Tournament to happen on 18th March is a ticket to Rupees 8 lakhs!

The tournament details are as follows:

  • Date:  18th March
  • Entry fee:  Nil
  • Start Time: 3:30PM
  • Prize Pool: Rupees 8 lakhs!!

How can you make money at this tournament?

First and foremost, collect loyalty points like there is no tomorrow. Start hitting the site even before you finish reading this article because there will be a mad scramble for online rummy points, as the Ugadi tournament approaches. The goal is to get to the 8 loyalty points needed for the Ugadi tournament.

Second, sign up on every table that interests you and play away. You will make money if you are good at rummy, and your loyalty points also accumulate opening the gates to the tourney for you.

Third, if you haven’t done so till now, register on the site as a player officially. You may have had great fun playing for free, but become a paid member and the Ugadi rummy tournament would only prove to be a beginning in a long series of thrilling events for you.

Fourth, in between the games at online rummy tables, make sure you go through online rummy advice available in various web pages. There could be immensely useful pointers to take you closer to the prize pool. The effort is certainly worth the prize pool of 8 lakhs!!

The Ugadi Tournament thus is a wonderful opportunity to make the start of the spring a remarkable one and a profitable one!

These are just a few tips, but log in to adda52 rummy and there is advice and opportunity aplenty for the keen online rummy player. The prize pools would most certainly follow!

Grand Ugadi Tournament promises to be yet another success in the string!

While the participants wait with bated breath and their token 8 loyalty points, a good look at adda52 rummy as an online rummy service provider is very much in order!

As marketing legend goes, it may be easy to win new customers, but retaining old ones? Ah, that’s where the service provider’s mettle is tested! A loyal customer base is the backbone of thriving service companies and adda52 rummy is living example of this phenomenon.

Festival after festival, occasion after occasion, the site has never failed to throw one online rummy party after other to satiate card game hungry online customers.

The Grand Ugadi Tournament is being organized exactly on Ugadi day by adda52 rummy. Ugadi for Telugu and Kannada speakers and Gudi Padwa in Hindi speaking areas, both denote the customary spring season celebrations. Festivals are when celebratory spirit is rife in India and people open all stops to have a good time. These festivals in India are also when people get together with relatives and friends seeking to connect and celebrate.

Rummy, historically was that one game which served both purposes. And today online rummy is playing the same role, with increased scope while bridging geographic distances. The juncture could not be any less apt for the Grand Ugadi tournament. adda52 rummy knows clearly well that players would be waiting for a tournament and has upped the ante to serve them. 8 loyalty points is all it takes to experience an outstanding rummy tournament on 18th March at 3:30PM. No doubt, the tournament is bound to succeed!

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