Genesys CX Insights by Miratech and Workforce Management Reports

Workforce management in any company consists of many aspects, some of which can be quite complicated.


Genesys workforce management solutions can provide a variety of pre-configured WFM reports and help perform different functions with ease - configuration, forecasting, managing calendars, policies and performance, scheduling, adherence and audit reports.


Miratech has leveraged the existing Genesys CX Insights in order to help customize the workforce management report functions and come up with new solutions related to generation of Genesys WFM reports.


What Makes Insights Special


  • Genesys CX Insights provide performance, schedule and adherence reports at the right time to the right people across the entire organization. This way, managers can focus on their specific responsibilities and departments.
  • CX Insights create actionable solutions in combination with drilling down into the company data for the identification of various core problems. Thus, it is now possible to customize available reports based on specific activity or business unit to make adjustments effectively.


Features of Genesys Insight Solution at a Glance


Genesys solutions in the form of customer insight offer the following features -


  • Web-based tools, which eliminates the requirement to install additional software.
  • Ability to blend historical data and real-time data to provide both ICBM and crystal reports.
  • Easy-to-design dashboards with user-friendly interface that can be used by supervisors and business analysts. The best thing is that it is not necessary for a coder or developer to be involved.
  • Ability to intuitively obtain visualization changes, which helps include visuals into the reports.


Miratech to Simplify the GI2 Process


Genesys workforce management reports are now unavailable in SAP BI, as GI2 fails to cover them. Because of this, it is not possible to customize the data.


This way, the single and the most effective way to customize WFM reports is by sending feature requests to product manager. This not only takes time, but also creates complications in the operational process.


Miratech’s Genesys CX Insights simplify the entire process. CX Insights by Miratech are a perfect extension of various GI2 abilities to provide adherence, performance and schedule reports, along with other essential GI2 report tailoring to your specific requirements and in a single place.


Benefits of CX Insights at a Glance


With the help of Genesys CX Insights by Miratech, you can expect to obtain the following benefits in your business or call center:


  • Consolidation of highly valuable workforce management reporting data within SAP BI and other reports related to GI2
  • Instant refresh of large amounts of data in predefined reports
  • Design of customized reports within minutes
  • Configurable layout of CSV files with flexible scheduling and delivery options
  • Lastly, Genesys solutions help drill down the data to improve customer experience insight and workforce management.









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