Guide to dental emergency preparation

Daily people always risk injuring their teeth and mouth through playing, eating, exercising and sometimes participating in athlete activities and normal activities. Therefore, one has to seriously consider a Houston emergency dental care service provider for a comfortable life. The provider has to be reliable, thus readily available and have proper technology to effectively treat any emergency case they encounter. Our team is always on hand to guide a patient through the traumatic experience of being in a dental accident. A dental emergency can occur in the event of a tooth dislocating, loosening, knocked out or breaks completely. Other lesser dental emergencies include crowns coming off or damage to the lips, gums or teeth of a client. Our emergency dentistry Houston professionals recommend always taking precautions when engaged in dangerous activities. Some of the common ways to take precaution is using a mouth guard during sports, avoiding foods that can crack teeth; especially if you have dentures. Injuries to the oral cavity often have unbearable pain, therefore it is advisable to rush to your preferred emergency dentists Houston clinic immediately.


The emergency dentistry Houston practitioners recommend calling a professional immediately a tooth comes off. As a rule, one should see a dentist in the first hour of the accident so as to ensure the tooth can survive and be reattached to the gum. After the first hour the tooth may not be eligible for reattachment leading to dentures or gaps in the mouth. Handling the tooth should also be done in a special way. Most emergency dentists Houston recommend holding the tooth by the crown and not at the root. The root harbors all the important cells that are required for the reattachment process and mishandling can damage them irreversibly. Always rinse the tooth in water to remove dirt, without scrubbing it! After cleaning it place back into the mouth to keep it moist. This is important as a tooth has to be moist at all times. If the mouth is too damaged place it in fresh milk or in a saline solution, to preserve it for your dentist. People with milk teeth do not require reattachment as their permanent teeth will grow and fill the position left by the tooth.


Our Houston emergency dental clinic recommends a different approach when dealing with minor fractures. Most of the fractures are so strong that the tooth becomes damaged to a point of no return. Dentists recommend rinsing the mouth with lukewarm water and use ice packs to reduce any swelling that might have occurred. If you experience headaches you might need to take painkillers, where ibuprofen is better as aspirin can act as a non-coagulant. Once you get into an emergency dentistry Houston practitioner, they will then shape and smooth the disk with a sandpaper disc. Finally, they will then use crowns or a veneer to mask the damage. In the case of dentures, you can use super glue to stick the tooth back to its socket, until you can schedule a visit to the dentist. Even with the dentures glued back always schedule a visit to the dentist to properly install the denture. This method of reattaching teeth with superglue should only be done with dentures and never attempted with natural teeth.




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