Harmonious Living Space Begins with the Right Design

A Harmonious Living Space Begins with the Right Design
The world can be a stressful place. Whether you worry about global issues, such as politics or climate change, or concerns closer to home, such as local environmental and health issues, there are a number of things that can make life complicated.
Stress is so pervasive that 77% of people are suffering from physical symptoms caused by it. What can you do?
A calming, peaceful living space is an attainable goal in order to create a harmonious environment. Your home is your oasis and, ideally, it should contribute to your overall well-being and reflect that which is of the utmost importance to you and your loved ones.
Being attuned to what you need and discussing them with an architect can bring synthesis to the work involved when constructing your home from the ground up. Follow our design tips to bring a little "om" to your San Francisco abode.
Color Your World
Color has a bigger impact than you may think. Each hue has its psychological connotations.
Add some calming colors to your environment to take the induce a calming feel. You can paint an entire room or add some decor in your chosen color, sprinkling it throughout the space.
Which colors are best for a peaceful oasis? Try these:
• White - This color represents serenity and a blank slate.
• Grey - Neutral and soothing, this shade also helps other colors pop.
• Blue - Everyone's favorite color, this shade has calming, soothing effects.
Approach each project in your home as an exploration of the colors you find soothing and how you can build a space that reduces your stress levels.
Clear the Clutter
A clean, clear living space helps you feel like your life is in order. Design with removing clutter in mind. Simple, clean architecture has many benefits.
For one, it alleviates the emotional attachment we often cling to in our environment. Letting go of clutter and unnecessary items or even rooms when designing our dream home in vastly important.
Books and seminars are popular lately in defining what one should keep around. Perhaps the same should be considered when deciding what is important in your floor plans.
Tackle each room on its own. If a room is overwhelming, then try to work on a single, smaller area when working on the design with your architectural firm.
Green is Good
Having plants around can help you perk up. Being surrounded by the natural world can help you unwind and feel relaxed. It can give you a sense of peace and connection, allowing your space to have a beautiful flow.
There are plenty of ways to incorporate greenery in your living space. You can redesign your home to have indoor and outdoor gardens or bring a few plants indoors and use them to enhance your design.
Go one step further and incorporate green design throughout your home, such as by purchasing sustainable lumber and installing green insulation.
Attend to Every Room
Creating a tranquil home means tackling your entire living space. Things to consider when in the planning stages include the type of sustainable or smart accessories you wish to include in each room, as well as LED lighting for both its energy conservation and warmth in terms of color and brightness.
A socially responsible home not only looks good but makes you feel good as well. What better way to bring harmony in your living space than capturing the right design in each room with the perfect structure and lighting necessary that creates a sense of warmth all around you.
Accentuate Historical and Architectural Details
Look around your home. Are there architectural or historical details that you can accentuate? Your home may be part of a diverse range of buildings that integrates classic architecture and modern updates.
Taking the time to bring out these beautiful details of your home can help you to make your space relaxing and welcoming.
Create a Harmonious Living Space
Using these tips, you will be able to create a more peaceful home, a place where you can look forward to escaping to at the end of the day.
A harmonious environment takes a bit of effort in putting all the essential pieces together, but it is worth the time involved. The right design elements can bring tranquility to your living space.
Looking to redo your entire home or office or have a new custom project in mind? Contact our firm today to make your vision become a reality.
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