Harmony and Boost Attractiveness by means of Face Dimensions

An amazing algorithm that rates your face by giving it a beauty score. These scores are calculated on the basis of a few rules, the rule of thirds, and the rule of fifths. The generated scores are in the order of 0 to 10, where 0 stands for an unattractive face with negligible symmetry and 10 counts for a super beautiful face which is extremely rare.

Pinkmirror is a revolutionary algorithm that rates your face and determines the right beauty score for your face. If you are keen to boast your beauty scores online, you should give it a try. Pinkmirror peeks upon the geometric proportions of facial features and computes the alignment of your eyes, nose, lips ears etc by means of distance between then, once all these are analyzed, it is used as an input to a sophisticated algorithm and determines your beauty scores.

How do we define ‘Beauty’?

Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour and various other features. Pinkmirror uses your face symmetry i.e. the geometric proportions of facial features such as eyes, nose etc and computes distance the between them, their alignments and various other factors and analyzes them and computes your beauty score on the basis of two generic rules. These rules are:

  • Rule of Fifths

According to this rule, a geometric face would be divided vertically into five equal sections on the basis of the width of one eye. With each of these fifths, aesthetic balance is considered and all the facial features that fall within these parameters are computed. Generally, if the width of the nose is nearly same as the distance between the eyes, then it is considered as perfect face symmetry. After all these computations, calculations are further made by the rule of thirds

  • Rule of Thirds

The all-around genius of science and art, Leonardo da Vinci developed an amazing formula for determining perfect balanced face symmetry. His formula says that a well balanced face can be evenly divided into three parts horizontally, where the topmost part would be from the hairline to the top of your brows, the second part would be from the top of your brows to the bottom of your nose. The final part would be from the bottom of your nose to the chin.

All these rules work and try to deliver an accurate beauty score for females. For men, things are mostly the same, but there are some minor deviations with some exemptions and inclusions as their facial symmetry is a bit different than that of females.

Your beauty scores

The relationship between the variation of your facial symmetry and the beauty scores are entirely based and formulated on the basis of the rule of fifths and the rule of thirds. These scores are basically out of 10, where 0 is the lowest score one can get and 10 is the highest scores one can get. Please consider these beauty scores as a statement of fun only, as beauty is the proportion of the whole face and not the features of the alignment of your noses and eyes.

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