Have You Noticed These 7 New Changes At McDonald’s?

It’s no easy task to give out the same consistency and quality of food every time you walk into a restaurant but in McDonald’s we make it possible for you. Ever since the beginning, the restaurant chain has made it a point to serve the people with the same consistency and flavours that you get everytime you walk into the restaurant and guess what? That is what makes us different from every other restaurant chain across the world.

However, lately McDonald’s India (West & South) has made some alterations in their food. Now, you may not have noticed it but we are here to tell you about those subtle differences. Don’t worry, all these alterations are made for both yours and our benefit. Still confused about what we are talking? Read on!

No artificial colours and preservatives in the burger patties

The crunchy golden brown patties of the burgers that you love to eat at McD’s are just delicious to taste and you just love to hog on them don’t you? And if you are one of the more health conscious chap, you must think that these are doing you no good, right? Well, wrong! Because at McD’s you get to eat food that is absolutely free of any kind of preservatives or artificial colours. No wonder you get all the delectable flavours of fresh ingredients.

The dietary fibers of the patties have been increased

If you didn’t know what dietary fibers are, here’s a quick explanation for you. The dietary fibers in your food makes sure that less oil is absorbed when the patties are being fried. So, less oil, just like your nutritionist advised you. And also, the fibers makes the patties easy for you to digest. It is the perfect win-win situation that we’ve got for you guys.

Sauces with lesser amount of oil now

From a whopping 67% oil content in the patties have been substantially reduced to a bare minimum of 25% in the sauces. So, now when you count your calories while eating at McDonald’s you can relax because the number has come down to decrease of 40% in the sauces now. The fitness freak in you must be rejoicing.

Chicken nuggets, fries and sauces have less amount of sodium now

The historically consistent McDonald’s fries and your favourite chicken nuggets have also jumped onto the healthy bandwagon. They have gotten better in both taste and health-wise fyi. While the chicken nuggets uses 10% lesser amount of sodium the fries have gone down to a 20% decrease. So, they are no longer a cheat food for people fearing heart diseases.

Soft serve with less than 4% fat content

Your favourite frozen dessert at McDonald’s India is now down to 4% less fat and is made of fresh milk instead of vegetable oil.

Whole wheat wraps

A healthier preference for a healthy day out, we have introduced whole wheat wraps for a balanced diet. You can get them at any EOTF outlet.

McAloo Tikki burger is a balanced meal

As compared to the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates that is required for a balanced diet suggested by NIN, the McAloo Tikki burger is a wholesome meal in itself.

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