Breathing Easily With Ramdev Asthma Medicine

With a sudden change in temperature the microbes that are present in the atmosphere start to thrive inside the lungs, and people often complain of breathing problems. This unpredictable...

With a sudden change in temperature the microbes that are present in the atmosphere start to thrive inside the lungs, and people often complain of breathing problems. This unpredictable weather upheaval and an exposure to atmospheric allergens, often lead to a load of respiratory hassles. Initially, the microbes infect the upper respiratory region but in some complicated cases the infection starts to creep into the lower respiratory tract. This is serious, and needs to be treated right away.

Infection in the lower respiratory tract leads to a blockage of the bronchioles, with phlegm and mucus. This mucus is stringy and stubborn, and sticks to the sides of the bronchioles, reducing the airway passage. Now, start the serious breathing troubles. Whenever the body is exposed to a similar temperature condition and the same allergens, it will succumb to this kind of autoimmune respiratory chaos. The infection in the lungs keeps on increasing because of the production of the stubborn phlegm. The immune system which is under constant stress trying to fight the infection starts to fail slowly. This respiratory disorder, where the sound of breathing is labored like a whistle, and the exhalation is accompanied often by a barking dog kind of cough, is called asthma.

The body tries to fight the infection but the breathing difficulties make it very complicated. Asthma is a life threatening disorder and it needs to be taken care of the earliest as repeated attacks weaken the functioning of the lungs. The lungs find it extremely difficult to perform well because of the restricted oxygen levels in the body. The lungs and its bronchioles start to become tender and get inflamed because of the infected mucus.

The asthmatics find it very difficult during the wet, damp, warm and humid weather as this is the perfect time for the microorganisms to breed. The pollen and dust filled winds are also serious trouble for a person who has asthma. Exposure to these allergens leads to attacks of wheezing and labored breathing. The mucus production increases manifold and the patient starts to develop medical complications like fatigue, debility, headaches, chest pain and acute weakness. Simple routine tasks like moving about, running, walking and performing small chores like standing up can lead to the condition worsening.

Asthamatics are known to regularly take antibiotics, nebulizers and steroids to treat the condition. These medicines are harmful for the body and the best way to treat asthma is to take natural treatments like ayurvedic remedies.

Baba Ramdev’s Asthma medicine include Divya Swasari Ras helps lessen the stubborn and infected mucus production and also treats the tenderness and inflammation in the lungs. Divya Sitopladi churna prepared by Baba Ramdev helps in controlling the production of phlegm and also halts repeated attacks of asthma. The body starts to feel energetic and the debility and weakness reduces. Other treatments like Divya Abhrak Bhasm, Divya Praval Pisti and Divya Trikatu Churna , helps in tapering down asthma attacks and controls mucus formation. Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras controls chronic cough bouts and keeps body infused with energy. Divya Sanjivini vati has medicinal herbs to control production of mucus.

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