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Eyes can be called the mirrors of the soul. The beauty of the surroundings, the gorgeousness of nature, the world all around us, can be seen only with eyes....

Eyes can be called the mirrors of the soul. The beauty of the surroundings, the gorgeousness of nature, the world all around us, can be seen only with eyes. Eyes need to be nurtured and kept in proper health and free from all kinds of eye disorders. Systemic diseases and increasing age can lead to a lot of eye problems.

Common eye problems are weak eyesight, glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration etc. One of the most common eye problems noticed in people of advancing years is cataract which is because of weakness of the power of the eye lens. The lens start to cloud and the vision starts to get disturbed.

The eyes contain a fluid and when this fluid starts to put extra pressure on the optic nerve it can cause irreparable damage and lead to vision loss in the long run, this is what happens in glaucoma. Macular degeneration is noticed in people as they grow older. The eye tissues lose their elasticity and start to degenerate leading to eye trouble. There is no specific age for weak eyesight. A person can suffer from this at any age and this may be due to a structural defect in the eye or the lens shape may not be proper. Weak eyesight can be corrected by wearing spectacles or contact lens corresponding to the number needed, to make the vision perfect. Eye infections or eye injury can also cause eye disorders in people.

Eye disorders may occur in people who are suffering from high sugar or high blood pressure levels. Diabetic people often complain of glaucoma and cataract. People who get a stroke or have brain tumor often suffer from some kind of eye disorder. Complains regarding headaches need to be carefully assessed as it may be because of weak eyesight.

Ayurveda has safe and effective herbal remedies for the eyes and Baba Ramdev medicine for eyes Divya Mahatriphla Ghrit that is a herbal combination that helps in treating eyesight. The eyes sometimes start to lack proper nutrition and this medicine keeps the eyes nurtured and healthy. This can be taken by people of all age groups even children and it is very beneficial for the eyes. Your diet should be enriched in Vitamin A or beta carotene diet.

For this all green leafy vegetables, carrots, amla, cucumber juice, spinach, tomatoes, mangoes etc are very healthy foods. The eyes need to be washed with clean clear water every morning and each time they are exposed to dust or dirt. This will keep redness and inflammation down. Make sure you read in proper light. Computer and television emit light rays that can strain the eyes, give yourself a break from work and eat healthy. Regular check-ups and exercise is the ideal way to keep eyes healthy. Early diagnosis may prevent major eye disease complications so be aware at all times.

Divya Drishti eye drop is an excellent herbal mixture for eyes and it helps remove dust and dirt from them. The vision clears and the eyes remain healthy and sparkling. This is very effective for people suffering from eye diseases and cataract. Baba Ramdev also has a package of cataract and glaucoma that help treat the eyes in a natural manner with the help of herbs. This is a good nutritive medicine for the eyes and keeps them free from infections, glaucoma and cataract.

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