So we have been using sea salt for our daily use. For having food. Taste is very important. Salt is one of the important ingredient food which adds taste...

So we have been using sea salt for our daily use. For having food. Taste is very important. Salt is one of the important ingredient food which adds taste to it. How many of you are aware of different types of salt? Different types of salt include rock salt and black salt. This salt is unique on their own.

Organic Rock Salt one of the type of salt which is known for its color which naturally and several trace minerals, including magnesium and iodine. It is unrefined and hand-mined from caves in northern Pakistan.

It is the purest form of a salt as compared to another salt. It has many health benefits like it improves digestion, it helps in relieving stomach pain, it boosts metabolism, stabilizes blood pressure and boosts immunity.

The second type of salt which is widely known as Kala namak or organic black salt is a variety of Indian volcanic stone salt. This unique variety of salt has its origin from Himalaya and is used for cooking and garnishing.

The presence of minerals and iron make the salt pinkish gray.It has many health benefits, but the claims are highly sketchy since no scientific research has yet been conducted on this salt. It is often recommended for individuals with high blood pressure and for those on low-salt diets the reason behind this is that it is low in sodium and doesn’t enhance the sodium level in your blood. It also relieves heartburn and intestinal gas.

In short, it boosts your overall digestive system. It also has health benefits like curing respiratory troubles, cures heart burns, controls cholesterol levels, control Diabetes, prevents Osteoporosis, helps in losing weight etc…

The other salt rather than this are are sea salt which widely uses in daily foods. Sea salt is much more beneficial to regular iodized salt. This salt does not go any sort of processing real content of the substance remains intact as no heat is applied or no damaging artificial element is added to it.

It has health benefits like it makes your immune system stronger, it also helps in cardiovascular system metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus can also be treated by sea salt. If you are suffering from diabetes or vulnerable to it, this salt can help you reduce the levels of sugar in your bloodstream successfully. You can buy many kinds of salt on “The Organic Garden

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