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Lack of water and sufficient fiber in the diet can cause the stool to get hardened. This stool sometimes gets stuck in the alimentary canal and may not be...

Lack of water and sufficient fiber in the diet can cause the stool to get hardened. This stool sometimes gets stuck in the alimentary canal and may not be passed for days. The person starts to complain of fullness and bloatedness in the stomach. The waste products and toxins remain inside the body and starts to release gases, making the person feel nausea and vomitish. Trying to defecate becomes a strain and applying too much pressure may lead to a bleeding of the surrounding area.

The anal area is often strained beyond tolerance because of very hard stools and this constipation may prompt a person to develop piles. You can’t let the toxins build up as they may be harmful for the body. The patient starts to feel uncomfortable if the stool is not passed for many days. The lower abdomen hurts and the person complains of smelly flatulence, which can be very embarrassing in public.

The hardened stools cause great discomfort and it makes one uneasy. Trying to get the stool out needs a lot of effort and the person has to strain and apply undue pressure to empty the bowels. Constipation is a result of lack of sufficient water and fiber in the diet. Never put off the desire to defecate, as this is one of the main reasons for constipation.

The intestines get clogged with wastes and it lies there for days. In some cases, people have to take enemas or suppositories to get rid of them. This is a very cumbersome way of defecating and passing stools seem like an ordeal. There are many who have to take laxatives to make passage of stools easier but these laxatives are based on chemicals, and they may not be very good for the body in the long run. The best way to soften the stools and keep the constipation is to take ayurvedic remedies. These remedies are purely natural and based on medicinal herbs that are easily available in nature. They are carefully picked and they processed to make medicines.

Digestive disorders can be treated safely with natural medications. Adding lots of water and green leafy vegetables to the diet is also very helpful in controlling constipation. You need to take a very healthy diet that is rich in nutrients to get your digestive system back in order. People who resort to junk food often complain about constipation. Pregnant women often neglect their diet and are not able to exercise properly and thus they develop constipation.

A change in diet, lifestyle, regularizing food timings and including exercise in the daily routine can be very helpful in treating constipation. If constipation takes a nasty turn it can cause aches and pains in the back, can cause irritable bowel syndrome, fissures, piles and ulcerative colitis.

Baba Ramdev’s medicine for constipation i.e. Divya churna, a combination of natural herbs, treats chronic constipation. Baba Ramdev also offers Divya Triphala churna that is wonderful in treating constipation and other problems of the digestive system. Divya Udara-Kalpa Churna helps in easy passage of stools.

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