Pros against Lice Service in house Treatment Form Lice

Pros against Lice Service in house Treatment Form Lice

Lice is not much bigger than a strawberry seed, could cause some serious trouble in the lifestyle of any human. The urge to constantly scratch your head and appearance of red spots are some effects of being infected by one. These Lice are hard to remove and they keep reproducing for existing. They can’t live without proper environment (your head) and could have a life span of 30 days.

Lice are infectiousness and could travel from one head to another. A popular question of many “can head lice jump?” No actually they crawl instead of jumping. They infect others by contact. And could also travel via clothes, scarf etc.

Why it’s difficult to detect one?

Lice can remain undetected for weeks. And In that time they reproduce themselves to make more of themselves which makes more of them. Adult lice could easily lay 5-6 eggs (nit) a day. The other reason for them to remain undetected lies in the fact they ran away from light. And so they reside deep within your scalp and could remain there unseen for several days.

Is there any solution?

If you are also tired of using multiple hair products which don’t do anything and only helps in damaging more. Now it is the perfect time to call lets be P.A.L.S. they are professional in lice treatment, and known for their service for more than 10 years. Now you don’t have to go to fancy lice salon, which doesn’t do anything. And only charge you overpriced bills. If you have a child suffering from lice problems, you should reach out to them. They use natural treatment without any harmful chemicals. Which would stop lice and also don’t affect your hair.

Identify quickly- to find out you have lice of just dandruff; you should look into the head. Lice crawl through your hair. They can be found in the crown region or lower region near to ear.

The salon treatment

Reaching out for a salon has its drawbacks. First thing first, the whole process leaves a bad impression on your child. They have to face the whole neighborhood and other children don’t want to play with him. Salon has a bunch of people who may judge you for your unhygienic house. Workers at salon also don’t concentrate on you. With these drawbacks, you should try on in house services by Let’s be P.A.L.S. to remove lice with uninterrupted comforting service which also guarantees for 100% lice removal and easy on your wallet.

House not being a problem

The assumption for house spreading lice is false as they can’t survive without proper conditions and that the reason why they prefer to be on your head. Their hooks help to remain attached. And nits remain glued via a paste that is not easy to remove. And needs nit comb for proper removal. Lice infect pain of several weeks. Itching and comfort come as a compliment. Without proper removal, they only cause pain and may remain there for future breeding. To help you out they offer services that have 100% success rates.

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