Dr Vivek Baliga – A Reputed Cardiologist Come Fitness Enthusiast

“Not many men become great, but those who do, have an unmatchable versatility.” This quote goes true for Dr Vivek Baliga, a man with all-round flexibility and contagious energy....

“Not many men become great, but those who do, have an unmatchable versatility.”

This quote goes true for Dr Vivek Baliga, a man with all-round flexibility and contagious energy. He has become an epitome of achievement not just in cardiology, i.e. his profession, but also in motivating people and being a source of knowledge for many.

The man has always motivated people around and tried his best to keep others in the best of their health – both mentally and physically. Many of Dr Vivek Baliga reviews have people’s statements saying he has stood as a source of inspiration for them and their loved ones throughout.

Dr Baliga is an example of a self-made man. He completed his MBBS degree from Manipal University while obtaining the post-graduate certification from the United Kingdom. Later, he received his doctorate, and with his vast know-how, published many researched and informative articles on different subject matters related to cardiology.

He is not just a good doctor by profession, but also has a heart of gold that can empathise with people’s suffering and make efforts for pulling them out of darkness. His field of expertise in publishing articles and research papers only add to his accolades.

Dr Vivek was a prestigious member of the Royal College of Physicians, a reputation he obtained back in 2006. There, he learnt as well as practiced doctorate for a few years before coming back to India. This return was to bring better medical treatments and practices to suburban India. Thus, he founded Baliga Diagnostics.

Some of the accomplishments of Dr Vivek Baliga

  • He is the author of over 3000 articles that he has written for clients expanding all over the world.
  • He is the chief author for Sowkhya Magazine, the official magazine of Baliga Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr Vivek made contributions to several studies on vascular biology, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

The magazine Sowkhya, mentioned above, has been designed by him and is very popular among patients and acquaintances that see him as a source of knowledge for medical conditions and their prevention. Its expanding reader base is a testimonial to how effective he has been in touching people’s lives.

A founder of HeartSense

On returning to India, Dr Vivek found that Indians do not have the right exposure to medical terminologies and effects of the ecology on their mind and body. Thus, he founded an information portal in the name of HeartSense. This portal offers free health-related suggestions and information to patients and their family. The portal also has a store attached to it that sells quality healthcare products.

Winner of online echocardiography competition

Dr Vivek Baliga reviews say, in 2017, he participated in an online echocardiography competition held by 123sonography.com where he won and earned a diploma on the subject. His accolades and achievements have always reflected in his finesse of writing and treating people.

Dr Baliga also loves to spend free time with his son and play sports. It is a sign of youthfulness and simplicity, a distinct characteristic for men of virtue.

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