How to Find a Reliable Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

The fact that alcohol and drug abuse across the world is on the rise is nothing new to anybody. But it is increasing alarmingly in India. A study conducted...

The fact that alcohol and drug abuse across the world is on the rise is nothing new to anybody. But it is increasing alarmingly in India. A study conducted by WHO (World Health Organization) reported that the per capita alcohol consumption in India increased from 1.6 liters between 2003 and 2005 to 2.2 liters in between 2010 and 2012.

The drug scene in India is also quite depressing. The country has witnessed a whopping 455% increase in drug hauls between 2011 and 2013 as shown by a study.

All we know is that the country is in dire need of proper drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. We share some tips that will help in finding the right ones.

Specialized Programs

De-addiction process for different types of drugs requires different and specialized treatments. A good de-addiction center will have different programs and approaches like behavior modification, cognitive therapy, pharmaceutical and medical treatment, etc depending on the extent of social and interpersonal impairment in the patient. However, the stages for treatment remain the same. Some centers also provide private treatments who customize the treatment programs as per the patient needs.

Do keep in mind the following things.

  • Is the program covering all the individual needs like medical, vocational, social, etc.?
  • Is the program providing services that are appropriate as per the age, gender etc?
  • Will it be assessed as the treatment progresses and needs change?
  • Does it include any counseling or behavioral therapies’?
  • Will any medication be prescribed?
  • If the patient is in a residential therapy, will he be monitored?
  • Will the family be educated about the program and how to take care once it is done?

Accreditation and Reliability of the Center

The success record, accreditation and the qualification of the doctors in the center is an important variable for successful treatment and rehabilitation

Presence of Doctors

One should also check that the doctors are available 24*7 in case an emergency rises. What is the role that a psychiatrist has to play? How long will the session be? How often will the doctor come to check? These things need to be sorted right at the beginning.

Post Treatment Support System

Another sign of a good rehab center is that they have a good post treatment support system. Of course, living with the family and hanging out with friends who do not have such habits is a good support system but it is also essential that the team who assisted in getting rid of the addiction should also be available long after leaving the rehab.

Before choosing a center, do keep in mind the location or you may have to drive back and forth every single day.

If we look at the bright side, people are also realizing this problem and the need for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Old centers are improving and new ones are getting set-up every day to help the youth get rid of the problems. The way Delhi is gearing up is quite phenomenal because it is now the most vulnerable state after Punjab. So if you are your friends/relatives have an addiction to drug or alcohol, get them admitted to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Delhi. They will take proper care of them and meet all the criteria of a great rehab. You, your friends/relative will find a new ray of hope which the addicts fail to see. It is time that life is taken seriously and the murderous addiction is quitted by joining a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

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