A walk through in optic neuritis treatment

Optic neuritis is an irritation or redness caused when myelin covering of optic nerve, visual messenger of the brain is disturbed.  Optic nerve is basically a nerve path of...

Optic neuritis is an irritation or redness caused when myelin covering of optic nerve, visual messenger of the brain is disturbed.  Optic nerve is basically a nerve path of axons produced in ganglion cells of retina. Nerve path is the brain’s roadway that enables information travel. The entire process is completed when an optic nerve gathers the visual messages from retina and carries it to brain where the visual inputs are converted into logical information.
This condition may prevail in adults and children. More incidents and cases of young people in their early 20’s and late 30’s are witnessed to be getting affected by it. Female section is more exposed to such condition. This can be both, one eye affected or sometimes both, to provide relief with medical interference; optic neuritis treatment in India is available.

Prevention is better than cure
Safe guarding oneself against extreme breathing challenge one faces post getting affected by optic neuritis seems little next to impossible. However frequent hands wash and avoid touching your nose and mouth area with dirty hands can help a little. Family members of effected patient must be educated about covering their mouth and nose while and sneezing, also wearing mask is also advisable to keep the patient unaffected by post respiratory viral attack.
Looking at the severity and criticality, the optic neuritis treatment has always been under close scanner. It is believed that the 50% of the patients suffering from optic neuritis first stage will eventually attract multiple sclerosis condition sooner or later. However to overcome this kind of situation and condition, offering the patients intravenous along with oral corticosteroids will help them keep multiple sclerosis at bay to which they were expected to get effected within 20 to 24 months itself.

Patient undergoes various scanning before starting off with optic neuritis treatment

Once someone realises the need of visiting an optic neuritis specialist after getting and experiencing certain signs and symptoms.  One must be prepared to undergo a series of scanners at different level of diagnosis.

  1. Past visual history: This level of scanning revolves around the various concerns the patient has related to eyes. It can be anything from weak eye sight and begin to use the spectacles at what age. Furthermore, which eye right or left or both are equally weak.
  2. Past medical history: Other inputs are gathered through various other sources like health of the patient otherwise, like if the patient has ever complained about migraine, hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidaemia. 
  1. Allergies: Knowing about the patient’s allergies aid in a great way to reach onto a correct diagnose. Allergies like sulfadoxine probing headache are closely looked at. 
  1. Family history: To get clarity furthermore into the patients’ medical state, inherited conditions also comes into the picture. It cannot be ignored if anyone in the family is suffering from some or the other visual or brain disorder.
  2. Social history: This can also through light on the quality of life the patient is leading.
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