Amblyopia Treatment in India- Safe and Non-invasive

One of the most significant aspects of our eyesight is our eye muscles. It is important for the eyeball to focus on an object to see and analyze it...

One of the most significant aspects of our eyesight is our eye muscles. It is important for the eyeball to focus on an object to see and analyze it properly. Each eyeball has six muscles that help us to see up, down, obliquely and sideways. It helps in steadying the eyeball so that we can fix our gaze on an object.

Perfect eyes coordination is necessary and in the absence of this, we might see double images. This coordination may not be proper if the eye muscles are weak and the person may develop a squint or a lazy eye. If one of the eyes is suffering from this condition, the doctor may recommend wearing an eye patch on the good eye so that the other eye has to work harder which results in toning of eye muscles. Amblyopia treatment in India must begin as early as possible to increase the chances of getting the condition corrected.

Causes of Amblyopia

According to the eye doctors, the primary reason behind weakening of eye muscles is trauma at birth. Our mid brain has a nerve centre that helps in controlling eye muscles. If these muscles are devoid of oxygen before birth or during birth, the supply of blood may get impaired. Sometimes a pressure on the newborn’s skull when it is undergoing the challenging birth may cause a trauma. Another reason behind this problem is nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy and it may case general fatigue leading to weakening of eye muscles. The muscles behind the eye is very delicate and its weakening can prove to be quite problematic.

Our eyes work just like a good-quality camera and as soon as the light enters through the pupil or an aperture that works in constricting or dilating as per light brightness. Thus, when eyes are exposed to excessive bright light, the sensitive retina may get damaged. Our pupil constricts immediately to protect our eyes. When our eye is focused on an object, its image gets reflected on the retina. Clear and sharp image is possible only when the focal length is correctly gauged. The lend control muscles help in focusing eyes that causes the lens to thicken or flatten automatically thus lengthening or shortening the distance to the focal point.

When there is a weakness in the nerve centre, the patient may suffer from a lazy eye problem. It can result in short or long sight and this problem can be corrected by focusing on a clear image with spectacles. People can go for lazy eye treatment in India.

There is a non-invasive treatment possible wherein a patient need not undergo under the knife. The problem can be controlled and prevented to a certain extent by bringing an improvement in nutrition. The patients must avoid buying soft drinks, excessive pizza, cheese, chocolates, sweets and processed foods. Adding seasonal vegetables and fruits can do wonders in improving vision. A gentle shoulders and neck message can also help. Multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants can also help in treating this problem.

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