Awakening or toxifying optic atrophy treatment? An eye opener!

Visual disorder of any kind mild or severe makes an individual helpless to a greater or restricted extent. Similar is the case with optic atrophy it takes away the...

Visual disorder of any kind mild or severe makes an individual helpless to a greater or restricted extent. Similar is the case with optic atrophy it takes away the freedom of visual and wisdom ability. Optic atrophy basically is caused when the axons present in the interiors of the entire visual system along with the internal track of information are damaged. It has been argued that using the term atrophy is incorrect to certain extent as this condition completely eradicates the internal visual conduct. Optic atrophy is subject to further classification. Aetiological, pathological, extent affected up to and ophthalmological types of optic atrophy classified on the degree of severity.

Blurred vision teamed up with chalky white, dirty greyed white and waxy pallor appearances adds immensely to the challenges the patients experiences. It further more affects the retina surroundings and blood vessels along with the appearance of margins and lamina cribrosa.

The intensity of this condition is so high and widely spread that some or other break through inventions and innovations are being advertised, promoted and shared regarding optic atrophy treatment in India and around the world.

Stem cell treatment! Accept it or sack it??

One of the most popular development and promising showcase has been awarded to stem cell treatment as the most promising optic atrophy treatment. It has been claimed to successfully treat the optic atrophy patients. By amalgamating stem cell through different technique can bring back the dead vision to life.

This theory and promises have faced disagreement and discouragement through various medical scholars and associations.  It is also been argued that the medical institutes and hospitals making such claims are not based on any proven track record or successful application. It is considered to be false alarms in regards to development in optic atrophy treatment to mislead the patient and minting money out of it.

Scholars have argued that the optic nerve once damaged caused under any condition cannot be brought back to life neither surgically or medically. The various experiments and findings are made rigorously by medical institutes and associations. if detected on time and at early stages of intensity it can be controlled not cured. One can regularly pay a visit to ophthalmologist to slowly and gradually the early signs and various diseases result in the birth of optic atrophy.

Along with findings and development being thought and brainstormed about, various newly found causes of optic atrophy are also coming in to the picture.

Stroke also known as ischemic infarct of nervous system, is believed to be contributing to the condition of optic atrophy. Furthermore affecting the spinal cord, brain and other connected and associated nerves of the brain. Due to shortage and sometime completely disconnection in blood flow, the nerve dies. In some of the cases the flow is partially hindered, mostly on the upper part of hence effecting partial optic atrophy condition. All said and done, one must not ignore even the tiniest sign of visual in disability at any point of time.

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