Overall Improvement in Retinal Condition with Macular Edema Treatment

There are a lot of eye related problems plaguing people from time to time. Some may be simple problems which can be treated quickly while some may need a...

There are a lot of eye related problems plaguing people from time to time. Some may be simple problems which can be treated quickly while some may need a prolonged treatment. One of the problems that is commonly seen in people suffering from diabetes. It is one of the most common reasons behind loss of vision. Since diabetes has become highly prevalent in India and the number of people suffering from hypertensive vascular disease.

Diagnosing this problem is quite challenging and planning a treatment plan for them is very difficult. The eye specialist has to consider the entire clinical picture before starting the macular edema treatment.

Condition- Some Facts

In people suffering from this condition, the macula in the eye gets thickened and swells up. Macula is an important part of eye which is responsible for central vision. It is a very small area and is located in central part of retina. It is a very thin layered tissue which is light-sensitive lining the back of the eye. The rays of the light focus on the retina from where it is transmitted to the brain. Here, the brain interprets the image. Macula is responsible for an exact vision which help the person to read and face recognition. Macular edema develops when fluids from the blood vessels of retina starts leaking. Such a condition results in improper functioning of eye muscles. Moreover, the loss of vision may vary from mild to severe.

This problem usually occurs when diabetic retinopathy condition gets complicated. Some common causes behind this problem are retinal vein occlusion, uveitis, age-related macular degeneration, blockage in retinal small veins, macular telangiectasis and radiation, and side-effects of medication. Sometimes, the problem may also result due to genetic disorders like retinitis pigmentosa or retinoschisis.

It is very difficult to identify this condition as it is painless. The symptoms are visible only when the problem is developed. And by the time symptoms develop, the blood vessels have already started to leak resulting in wavy or blurred central vision and changed or washed out colors. As soon as such symptoms start visible, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist immediately. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause severe loss of vision and ultimately result in blindness.

Eye care professionals immediately suggest macular edema treatment in India after conducting a complete eye examination. Depending on the retinal abnormalities which is evident through a dilated eye exam, visual acuity test, optical coherence tomography, fluorescein angiogram, and the Amsler Grid.

There are many alternate treatment options available these days that are non-invasive. These treatment options include focusing on reducing the macula swelling by bringing about an improvement in circulation of blood and oxygenation. This treatment help in bringing about a remarkable change in the overall retinal blood vessel health helping in controlling and stopping fluid leakage which results in edema. As part of the treatment, specialists also prescribe anti-inflammatory supplements reducing the edema. Diabetes control also help in bringing improvement in the condition.

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