What is Color Blindness and treatment for colour blindness in India

Colour blindness is the condition in which a person has trouble seeing or identifying colors like blue, red and green. Other than this, there are some of the rare...

Colour blindness is the condition in which a person has trouble seeing or identifying colors like blue, red and green. Other than this, there are some of the rare cases wherein a person is not able to see or identify any colors. The person has this syndrome has difficulty in differentiating between the colors having shades. The condition is also commonly known as colour vision problem or colour vision deficiency. There is colour blindness treatment available that can restore the vision in the person. Although, there are researches still going on in the field if the condition or syndrome can be completely eradicated.

The types of colour blindness:

There are different types of color blindness, when a person is told be colour blind he may partially be able to identify colours or have the colour deficient vision for some specific colours. Here are some of the types of colour blindness a person has:


This colour blindness happens when there are two or three cone pigments such as red, blue or green absent or damaged in the vision. This type of colour blindness reduces the colour and lightness in the vision into one dimension. Eventually resulting in total colour blindness.


This type of condition occurs when one of the cone pigments that is red, blue or green is absent or damaged. This type of colour blindness, the colour vision is reduced to two dimensions. It results in partial colour blindness.

Different causes of Colour Blindness:

Colour Blindness is caused to the very minute percent of the total population but at the same time, it is not very uncommon too. The human eye retina generally consists of two light sensitive cells that are rod cells and cone cells. The rod cells are the ones for the low light while the cone cells are meant for bright light. Colour blindness occurs to a person when either of these two sensitive cells fails in their functions. The treatment for colour blindness can help the person get some changes in identifying the colours.

Other than these, there are several other factors that may cause colour vision problem in a person. The factors that are the main cause of colour blindness are genetic disorders, side effects of drugs, the damage caused to the brain or to the eye or nerve cells. The damage can also be caused due to excessive use of tobacco and alcohol. The different symptoms of colour blindness are getting trouble in seeing the colors and catching the brightness of colors. Another symptom includes rapid eye movement; there is also the problem in identifying the differences between different colours shades. There is also the sensitivity towards the bright light.

Treatment for Colour blindness

Colour blindness in a person can be diagnosed through several different methods; these tests also define the measure up to which the eyes have been damaged or deficient. Basically, the test reveals the color vision deficiency in a patient. Doctors are able to diagnose the color and check the patient for colour blindness treatment in India. The people having such condition are basically not blind but they have such deficiencies. The treatment for such conditions includes entirely treating the different elements of eyes.

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