Faivish Pewzner Discusses Senior Living and Technology Innovations

As adults age, they want freedom and independence, and they want to take care of themselves at home. Statistics show that although that is true, still aging in place...

As adults age, they want freedom and independence, and they want to take care of themselves at home. Statistics show that although that is true, still aging in place is not always an option. According to Faivish Pewzner, Chief Operations Officer at Americare, the real challenge is how to recognize and respect their desires for independence, while supporting the growing healthcare needs of a large population with more chronic illnesses.

The technology sector has certainly done its part to raise the bar on senior living innovations. In this aging population of ours, it’s no wonder that companies are aiming to address the needs of seniors in exciting and innovative ways. Advancements  in technology are helping independent living and assisted living communities support seniors while allowing them to live as independently as possible. Knowing about or offering such technologies in place can increase the appeal of senior living among older adults because the technology provides an independent and comfortable yet safe environment.

At the same time, older adults are also showing increased awareness and acceptance of the role that technology plays in their lives. The availability of new technology is making it more possible than ever for patients to take control over shaping healthcare systems to meet their needs. From online and mobile platforms, SMS and video communications, social and online media, to high tech innovations in treatment and prevention programs, patients are now better informed and better positioned to demand patient-centered treatment and to co-create health solutions.

In addition to that, consumers across industries are able to share their views and demand voice through social media for increased transparency and openness. In order to increase resident satisfaction and attract more business, home health care agencies focus technologies that are not so common across the industry at the moment. Faivish Pewzner explains that senior living companies providing healthcare are looking to emerging technologies to become more efficient and to contain care costs.

Competition in the senior living industry leads to better care for all aging Americans. If one organization becomes more innovative in the way it provides care, other smart senior living organizations will also adopt these practices to stay competitive. As a result of this, more aging Americans will receive better care. As an added benefit, today’s seniors are able to reap the rewards instead of being forgotten in favor of the next generation of older adults

Right now, innovative ideas and practices in the field of aging are changing real, human lives. These innovations are replacing outdated methods with new approaches according to the latest scientific discoveries. As the field of aging continues to innovate, we can only imagine where that innovation will take us in the future.

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