Hair Loss: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment with Hair Transplants

The hair loss problem is a major occurring problem among people and affected equally either male or female. The hair loss issue is different from the hair fall in...

The hair loss problem is a major occurring problem among people and affected equally either male or female. The hair loss issue is different from the hair fall in which patient experiences a total loss of hair from the scalp portion and the reason may be both the genetic and the external stimuli, includes the pollution, imbalanced diet, autoimmune disorder, thyroid problem and the chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The hair loss problem occurs due to the genetic causes termed as the Androgenic alopecia that presents the pattern baldness mostly in men. The men experience the male pattern baldness in a different grade of Norwood class can only be permanently treated with the hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant procedure involves the hair roots transfer from the donor area of the scalp onto the recipient zone in order to cover the bald affected are with a head full of hair.

The hair transplant in India is considered as the wisest decision as the patient gets the advantages of the best Surgeon and the Clinics at an affordable cost that is nowhere available in the world that’s why people from all over the world are interested in the Medical tourism of India. The Indian government gives special visa facilities for the outpatients to join the medical tour and the reputed clinics have the special facilities for these outpatients who are willing to take the procedure in India. Some clinics in India give the three days accommodation facilities equipped with all the standard facilities & amenities to make the plastic & cosmetic surgery procedure a successful one, especially the hair transplant.

The Hair Loss if Androgenic alopecia (Genetic Balding)

The hair starts losing if the person is affected by the Androgenic alopecia in which the symptoms started when the patient enters into their teenage. The Androgenic alopecia mainly occurs in the male with the male pattern baldness. The pattern baldness is segmented into 7 categories ranges from grade I to grade VII described by the O’Tar Norwood in 1975. The research indicates that the Androgen hormone, a male sex hormone is responsible behind the pattern baldness in which the Testosterone (a type of Androgen) combination with the 5-alpha reductase as a catalytic effect produces DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone) that causes the severe hair loss problem. The DHT hormone is a prime factor in causing the baldness and the miniaturization effect in the form of the thinning of hair, widening the gap between the partition as well as the brittleness of hair that presents the severe hair loss problem and can be treated or cure permanently with the hair transplant procedure.

Diagnosis of Hair Loss/Baldness

A Dermatologist/Doctor or a hair transplant Surgeon may diagnose the hair loss problem by carrying out the physical examination as well as the total medical checkups, including the chronic illness and used medicines by the patient that he started from years back. The assessment of the issue needs a proper consultation with your dermatologist or the hair transplant Doctor in which the main cause of your hair loss is addressed and the further step is taken as according to that. So, a proper consultation is advised if you are experiencing the severe hair loss or hair thinning problem.

The Hair Transplant Procedure in India

The hair transplant or the hair restoration is only the single permanent option to get back the natural hair with all the aesthetic effect and cosmetic concerns. The procedure is a permanent one because the procedure involves shifting of patient’s own hair from the safe donor area of the scalp onto the affected part of the scalp either the front, top or the crown area. The safe donor area is usually from the back & sides of the scalp scientifically termed as the occipital or parietal part used in the hair transplant to get the longer lasting hair follicles.

The hair transplant procedure in India is a wise decision and familiar one due to the following reasons:

  • The presence of pioneer hair transplant Surgeon
  • The affordable cost option available
  • The leading & reputed hair transplant Clinics availability
  • The American standard care & facilities on a budget-cost option


On the whole, we can say that the problem of hair loss is a major introspecting matter if it is a case of the Androgenic alopecia because the hair transplant procedure needs the best Surgeon who has the great surgical experience in order to give the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure in terms of the undetectable hair transplant result with utmost aesthetic hairline design.

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