Simple and Natural Ways to Combat Thyroid-Induced Hair Loss

Losing hair is most common complaint that every women has. Whereas, men are equally affected by hair loss, there is emotional attachment of women with hair, and for her...

Losing hair is most common complaint that every women has. Whereas, men are equally affected by hair loss, there is emotional attachment of women with hair, and for her losing hair is just like losing her important part of her body. After all the most attractive feature in women body is her long and luscious hair and her overall beauty is only recognised by her hair that she carries. Major reason of hair loss in women can be thyroid dysfunction. While there are various remedies already available that that offers cure for hair loss. But at the end the easiest way to cope with this disturbing matter is to bring back thyroid in its natural form. Let us take a look at what exactly this issues lead to and how you can handle this issue.

Hair can get damaged due to excessive washing of hair with harsh alcohol, exposure to dry and hot climate, use of blow dryers, excessive styling of hair, stress and food habit.  These things also make hair thin and hair thinning causes hair loss and baldness. Hair transplantation is the only way to get rid of Baldness. Nowadays Hair Transplantation is available in most of the countries. Turkey, India and Singapore are famous for Hair transplantation. In India cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. provide Hair Transplantation facilities. Among these cities Hair Transplant in Jaipur is famous for its low cost and promising result as well.

What Is The Relation Between Thyroid Imbalance And Hair Loss?

Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism are the two types of thyroid and both of them triggers heavy hair loss. Hair loss in thyroid not only restricts hair loss in single hair but in multiple sections. You can call it hair thinning. This problem can be corrected if the person suffering undergoes correct treatment for hair loss. It is not the case that the hair you shed will not grow again, the fact is hair grows but the rate of growth decreases. They grow very slowly and it is very rare to get back the original texture, quality and quantity of hair.

Presence of hyper active as well as hypo active thyroid paves for autoimmune thyroid conditions, and one such case is alopecia areata.  This is a transient stage and does not get worsen. Moreover, this can be one of the main reasons for unexpected baldness. People those who leads with defective conditions of thyroid are normally prone towards hormonal imbalances which in turn results in hair loss. Thyroid hormone is the main reasons behind defective glands of thyroid, there are even such cases that you can lose your hair just because of level of testosterone or estrogen present in the body. Also make sure that you get to know the actual reason behind your hair loss problem.

How to fight Thyroid Triggered Hair Loss?

Here as discussed above the cause of hair loss should be known. There are chances that you can get the help of steroids to correct your hormonal conditions. Along with it, it is not wrong to try natural remedies also. You can even use nutritional supplements as various herbs, to rectify your diet.

Natural Ways to kill Thyroid-Induced Hair Loss:

Let us have a look at some of the natural treatments that prevents your hair loss by thyroid conditions:-

  1. Vitamin C

When vitamin C is taken on daily basis, it helps your immunity power of your body to pep up. It is very well known anti oxidant that makes free radicals and prevents hair loss.

  • Drink 1 glass of lemon juice without eating anything (empty stomach) every day or if you cannot drink it as it is; then you can add 2 spoons of Indian gooseberry in 2 spoon of water and 1 spoon of honey
  • You can even eat guava daily as it contain more vitamin C as compared to other citrus fruits

2.       Vitamin E:

  • It is beneficial for hair. It prevents hair loss and promotes of hair growth
  • You can even take supplement for vitamin E and start taking a pill per day in order to treat hair loss

3.       Improve Your Protein Intake:

  • It is said that hair are made up of proteins
  • In order to balance your thyroid issues you must have high intake of protein
  • High protein can help you to handle malfunctioning of thyroid. High protein foods include eggs, legumes, nuts and cottage seeds

4.       Oats:

  • Oats are one of the rich source of fibre, vitamin B that are good for your thyroid gland
  • You can ensure less hair loss if you have healthy level of vitamins and amino acids present in your body

5.       Shun Your Gluten:

  • It is blindly said that keeping your foot away from gluten can lead you towards something good
  • It is suggested that people dealing with thyroid hair loss can have some relief after cutting down gluten from their diet for at least 1 year

6.       Include Essential Fatty Acids In Your Diet:

  • Go for omega 3 fatty acids
  • Eat food such as fish, flax seeds and walnuts
  • It is very well known to fight against thyroid issues, and side by side it even gives you sense of relief from loosing hair
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