What Can We Expect After the Hair Transplant Surgery

The patient who receives the procedure can start thinking about the growth of hair after the hair transplant procedure. This is not uncommon and weighs a top concern in...

The patient who receives the procedure can start thinking about the growth of hair after the hair transplant procedure. This is not uncommon and weighs a top concern in the restoration treatment world. As a matter of fact, the regrowth of hair can take complete 10-14 months in order to show you the full volume and growth, but people might start thinking about the growth just within the 4-5 months of the surgery. The usual regrowth of hair started to regrow within 4 months that may go shed off initially, which is an initial process of hair regeneration. The hair transplant in Jaipur offers you the best inaugural discount facilities on the treatment add-on benefits of the best surgeon, as well as, the best clinics.

When you receive the procedure you might start to compare your hair growth with another patient’s photo posted online or offline meeting with the respective hair loss patients. These feelings are quite common. However, it is very important to know some basics that may help you to find the fact related to the hair transplant procedure.

Here is some fact that you must aware about after receiving the procedure as follows:

The Hair Shedding Phase after the Procedure:

The hair shedding after the procedure is very common as it is a transformation phase that gives space to regrowth. Actually, the new hair or graft started to take a blood supply in order to grow back that may cause the hair shedding that is a reversible process. After a hair transplant surgery, the hair shaft begins to shed, starting from week one up to 6 weeks. The process of hair shedding is quite common after the surgery and one can expect that the new growth of hair will come after completing the shedding period.

Hair Regrowth after the Hair Transplant Surgery:

It is very important to understand that there are two stages from which the transplanted hair goes through. Initially, just after the procedure the newly grafts penetrates into the skin and receives the blood supply to grow back. This initial migration of grafts causes the hair shedding that stops after 5-6- weeks of the surgery. Thereafter, the regrowth of hair occurs that may take 12-14 months or shorter than that as it depends on the individual to individual. Every patient is unique and so the regrowth phase is different for every individual.

It must be noted that the growth period of transplanted hair is a rough estimation as it varies according to the patient’s state of the scalp, biological conditions, as well as, the many factors that contributed in the growth of hair. However, it is important to know your status after receiving the consultation session with your surgeon or doctor. It is advisable to take an expert advice while you planning for the surgical option to regain natural hair.

The Transplanted Hair adapt the Natural Characteristics:

The transplanted hair retains the natural characteristics of hair despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp. The hair regrowth makes the possibility of containing the DHT-character and one can expect the permanent growth of hair. In the procedure of hair transplant surgery, the growth of hair wholly depends on the primary hair from where it is taken out or extracted. Thus, the FUT technique is chosen in order to give the permanent outcome of the procedure. This is the main concern in the surgery that the roots could be extracted from the safe donor areas of the scalp and FUT is mainly based on the principle to extract the grafts via strip. The strip of the skin always harvested from the safe donor zone of the scalp.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplants goes through many phases and has a different period to grow depends on the patient’s physical and anatomical characters.

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