How to Prevent Gray Hair

You can prevent Your Hair from Turning Gray in just few simple Steps!

Gray hair most of them do not consider as bad initially. But when people see cluster of gray hair on their hair, then it becomes a matter of worry to them. Slowly and gradually time passes and when these clusters turn in a big bunch then people open their and realize that it was high time when there were only few. These days people talk about “going their hair gray with grace”. It is trending to know that if you love gray locks, but if gray isn’t your color then you might hesitate to come up with. It is not like each and every individual like their looks, maybe because you link it with your age or you just don’t like its overall appearance. Moreover, it is obvious that you love your natural hair and you want to stick to it as long as you can.

You can face hair loss problem at young age if your hair color is turning in to gray. Hair loss has now become a major problem. If your gray hair problem turns to hair loss problem and you have not took care of your hair, you might be face baldness problem. But there is a solution, which is hair transplantation. As you know, India has now evolved as a country of medical facility, you will get every treatment. Hyderabad is very famous medical tourism. Hair transplant in Hyderabad is very famous surgery in India. People from various countries visit Hyderabad for this treatment. Hair transplant cost in Hyderabad is also very economical compare to other cities in India.

Why hair turns gray

When it comes to hair prevention, the first thing to understand is that why your hair is turning gray?  There are cells that comprises of your hair pigment known as melanocytes. Over a period of time scientist have believed that stem cells that were supposed to grow these cells failed to do so. For whatever reason may be, your melanogentic clock stops signalling your body. Turning your hair gray depends upon several factors. Let us assume for a moment that you are turning premature greying. If you go gray you should expect the following:-

  • Caucasians: Expect plenty of white hairs in your mid-30s.
  • Asians: You will probably start going gray in your late 30s.
  • African Americans; you’re lucky; you probably won’t start going gray until you reach mid-40s.
  • No matter whom you are: There is a 50% chance you will have plenty of gray hair at an age 50.
  • Men: Bad news—men can grow go gray sooner as compared to females about 5 years.

Depending upon the genes and various other factors, there are possibilities that you can go gray before expected and you can call them as premature greying. Now let us talk about the impact rate of a person going gray. Following are the factors that can cause your hair to grow gray:-

  • As discussed above the first factor is your genes. (Genes can be racial or the ones that pertain in your family.)
  • Hormonal changes lead by hormonal imbalance
  • Climate, general environment
  • Hair products that is filled with toxins can make your hair gray
  • Excessive smoking
  • Medical problems or deficiency of nutrition
  • Stress ( according to the scientists they have determined that stress acts as a helping hand in contributing towards gray hair)

The above list gives you the idea of starting figure of turning your hair gray and what you can do to prevent it. Initially if your hair turns gray you cannot stop them (because you cannot change your genes). But you can always make healthy lifestyles choices. But I guess everybody wants to know its quick fix. There is no fantasy in listening that a person is opting for pills to prevent gray hair. There are even several firms that are claiming to manufacture more advanced pills to achieve even best results. According to the doctors there are even healthier approaches that you can go for instead of taking pills. Here are the lists of lifestyle choices that can maximize length of your original hair colour.

You can prevent Your Hair from Turning Gray in just few simple Steps!

  1. Take care of your hair so it doesn’t fall out – one thing that can be done to prevent your gray hair is to minimize the growth of your hair. If you pull your hair or dry them then they are more likely to break or fall out. More you pull out; more you will replace them with new one but with the same texture. If you are getting older, then those hairs have less pigment or eventually no pigment.
  2. Take care of medical problems – going gray does not point your finger towards health problem. You may have hormonal imbalance accompanied by gray hair if you have problems related to thyroid.

  1. Make sure you are getting proper nutrition for your hair– In order to produce hair pigment, you need plenty of vitamins like B12.
  2. Try a natural remedy –there are various remedies that prevent gray hair. Seaweed, black sesame, and blackstrap molasses are all examples. There are various different types of oil that you can try out by rubbing on your scalp. Oil such as olive oil, rosemary oil, and black seed oil helps your hair to prevent from greying.


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