How to Inspire Your Kids to Have Healthy Food

In modern days, we all have a hectic life schedule. In our busy schedule we often give less importance to our nutrition. Especially, the working mothers find it difficult...

In modern days, we all have a hectic life schedule. In our busy schedule we often give less importance to our nutrition. Especially, the working mothers find it difficult to manage time for preparing healthy yet nutritious lunches for their kids. Not only the kids but sometimes the adults become fussy about their foods.

Healthy lunches and snacks are important for both the adults and children. You can go for crunchy vegetables, fresh fruits or you can also take a combination of protein, dairy and carbohydrate foods. You should encourage your children to make to choose and prepare some healthy recipes for their lunch. Praise your children when they choose any healthy recipe. Here are some interesting but healthy ideas for you and your family. (Information Credit –

Pack a Balanced Lunchbox

Try to include all of the food groups – a piece of fresh fruit, crunchy veggie sticks, protein like egg or lean meat, a dairy option can be yogurt or cheese and a carbohydrate like bread or a wrap for example. If you’re time poor, prepare food the night before and freeze it so that it’s ready to go in the morning. Encourage children to choose items for their lunchbox so that have a sense of independence about what they’re eating. Praise them when they make healthy food choices. However, once in a while they can have high calorie foods to avoid the monotony.

Apply Some Creative Ideas

If you or your kids are not fond of vegetables, then you should try different ways of eating them. If your children are fussy about vegetables then you need to be a bit creative when you are preparing the food. You can add grated zucchini, carrots and celery in noodles, pasta, and omelette or in other food items. You can add fresh tomatoes, herbs, coriander leaves in the sauces.

Encourage Your Children To Try Some New Food Preparation

As a guardian you should introduce your kids to different food items. It is true that the kids can be extremely fussy. You should make them try some new preparations like fruit desserts, interesting veg preparations. Encourage your children to have different kinds of vegetables.

Cook with your kids

You should discourage your kids to buy readymade food. You should make cooking and preparing meals as a fun activity. Discuss with them about the nutritional values of vegetables. It is vital to try and make time to cook with organic ingredients and teach kids the value of making a nutritious meal for themselves.

Keep fatty and sugary food items out of your kitchen

Avoid buying unhealthy snacks. Sugary and fatty foods are not only costlier but also they are one of the main causes of many serious diseases like diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, poor BMI, indigestion, stomach gas and many other. It is much easier to say no to the products that you don’t have to buy. Thus, load your shopping bag with lots of green veggies, healthy carbs, proteins and fresh fruits.

Kids often look for some examples. Being a guardian you should avoid making unhealthy food choices that can also lead your kids to poor food choices. Unhealthy food result in inactive lives that will hugely impact on your professional life. We as parents should take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our kids by doing the right thing ourselves.

Some Healthy Lunch Ideas

  1. You can go for the easy pasta salad. The recipe is very easy. Use your leftover pasta, chopped zucchini, red onions, tomato, bell papers and ham. Season them with some papers and salt. Your pasta salad is ready. You can also add some roasted garlic. Creamy Italian, classic vinaigrette, chili flex according to your taste.  If it’s for your children add some cashews, kiwi, and blueberries to it. You can also add some dark chocolate chips to make the preparation more attractive.
  2. You can make green salad by adding some crunchy veggies, ham, boiled eggs and cheese. You can add some crackers, blueberries or raspberries to it.
  3. If you want some chicken dish go for grilled chicken with spinach and melted mozzarella. Add some peppers to it and your low carb lunch box is ready. You can also take a container of fruit salad as a side dish if you need to stay in office for longer period.


Here some effective food ideas that you can apply in your daily recipes. However, the importance of a healthy launch box is immeasurable. We become more focused and energised when we are refuelled with healthy foods. The menu in lunch box can make up to a third of their daily nutrients. A lunchbox should all essential nutrients and vitamins. You should avoid fatty and sugary food items in your lunch box.

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