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Hospitals are an important necessity of a society, and a well-equipped, 24/7 service hospital is a gift for any city. BROOKFIELD SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL is one such hospital structured...

Hospitals are an important necessity of a society, and a well-equipped, 24/7 service hospital is a gift for any city. BROOKFIELD SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL is one such hospital structured in 2011 in the heart of IT sector in Kundanhalli- Eastern Bangalore, covering areas like Varthur, Sarjapur, Marathahalli, Whitefield and other surrounding areas. Being in the prime location offers public, easy accessibility to enter and exit without hassle. People can easily locate and reach by public and private transport with ample parking space, for about 65-70 cars for the latter.

Brookfield, an extension of Sanjeevini Health Care has proficient and competent specialist doctors operating with the best equipment and amenities within elite, super structured architecture, sprawled on 50,000 sq. Ft. area. It’s a 100-bed multi-speciality hospital at ideal & match-less price point catering to services like

  • Cancer care facility
  • Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Diabetes care
  • Dental surgery
  • Gastroenterology & Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Joint Replacement and trauma
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Women & Child birth (Obstetrics and Gynaecology including Infertility clinic)
  • Paediatric & Neonatology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Oncology & Urology
  • Holistic medicines (Acupuncture)

HOLISTIC MEDECINE – BROOKFIELD SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL specializes and believes that a many the age-old practice of acupuncture can treat a medical condition. Conditions like infertility, depression, insomnia, migraine, anxiety, nausea, and musculoskeletal problems are treated effectively by acupuncture.

Apart from these services it regularly organizes free camps for Dental and Health check-ups. It also organizes awareness camps for Siddha acupuncture and Ayurveda & Holistic medicines.

The 100-bed multi-speciality hospital offers enough space for the rotation of patients and easy and efficient care without making it too over- crowded and congested. It is equipped with ICU/CCU/NICU/CARDIAC CARE/CT & MRI/ULTRASOUND/CATH LAB/DIALYSIS/BIRTHING SUITES/ TRAUMA & EMERGENCY/ 24 HR EMERGENCY AND 24/7 PHARMACY. The easy and convenient entry of patient and the procedure there-in follows, till the exit of the patient has been completely simplified to not add more burden on the already pained relatives.
About the team- Brookfield has a very organised and well experienced and efficient team. From top order to the bottom everything is synchronized within each section, team, and related sector. The patients journey is quite smooth, one cannot reduce the pain of the patient, but with the kindness of the staff one can make it hassle free and memorable. The doctors are overly patience, giving sufficient and satisfying time to each patient, diagnosing the right cause without complicating the nature of disease as is often seen in other hospitals. The other staff members and nurses are equally polite and well-behaved, attending the patient with compassion and empathy.

Other facility-The rooms and wards facility are pocket friendly and can be chosen accordingly. There are many options available to choose depending upon ones’ budget and nature of privacy. There are Economy wards & General wards for people looking for less budget Privacy & Semi-privacy wards for people looking for little privacy within the budget.

Deluxe wards for people who want privacy as well as all exclusive facility.

Luxury wards & suites offers more privacy and luxury.

Food and entertainment is also an important necessity of any hospital. While the inmates need proper and nutritious food, the after-patient care taker also need palatable food and some T.V and internet to occupy themselves. BROOKFIELD SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL not only provides nutritious food for inmates but also offers Regional and Continental cuisines, for care takers. It also offers laundry services, internet & T.V facility, and easy access to telephone and ATM.

24/7 facility- BROOKFIELD SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL, health care services are available round the clock. Hospitals need to be alert and at service 24/7, which must be a prime and foremost application of any hospitals. Certain facilities are must and are needed during an emergency and can cause great human loss in absence of it. Health care services are and must be obliged to offer 24/7

  • Ambulance facility,
  • Emergency and trauma care
  • Well-furnished pharmacy
  • Dental surgery
  • Dialysis
  • Mobile Ambulance Services

BROOKFIELD SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL has put forward BEAST service representing-


Many a life is lost during the critical hours of accident when the emergency help is not able to reach due to several reasons. Understanding the need for emergency help, if received could save many lives,  has taken a stride to introduce emergency help on a two-wheeler scooter ambulance called BEAST. This service has proven great help as it can course towards its destination even through heavy traffic unlike a four-wheeler ambulance. Although a four-wheeler ambulance follows BEAST, but the help that BEAST reaches within 3-5 minutes, aids in administrating medical help and saving life during the ‘golden hours’ post-accident. BROOKFIELD
Trained paramedic drivers accompanied by trained nurse, drive BEAST, with the help of GPS installed, carrying with itself the necessary elements required post accidents like- first-aid kit, oxygen cylinders, lifesaving drugs, splints to immobilise broken bones and stabilise cervical spine, and reaching the spot within minimum time and obstacles.

An emergency can occur anywhere, and not necessarily on road. Our home, which we consider as the safest place can be a stage of most fatal accidents. Hence it is advisable for people to register the beast service, specially households with young children and elderly people, with full description of their health condition. Although it will cost some amount, it is a beneficiary in long term planning and saving health hazards.

The registration not only helps in receiving immediate help, but also brings the patient in stable condition, for doctors to take over directly.

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