How to Receive IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

Medical devices and drugs manufactured and marketed with the aim to cure serious disease and improve the quality of life. Lack of relevant information about usage and negative side...

Medical devices and drugs manufactured and marketed with the aim to cure serious disease and improve the quality of life. Lack of relevant information about usage and negative side effects of medication sometimes gives birth to a more complicated situation. IVC Filter is the device that causes many life-threatening injuries and health problems to a patient receiving treatment with this medical equipment. More than thousands of IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements have been filed in the court for plaintiffs eligible for financial compensation.

People who are implanted with this medical device in inferior vena cava to stop blood clots from traveling into the lungs suffered from various fatal complications including health problems, emotional distress, relationship difficulties and etc. Recipients of IVC Filters filed legal claims against manufacturers Cook Medical and C.R Bard for several reasons. The lawsuit states that manufacturers and marketers poorly design and manufacture this unsafe metal device look like a metal cage and fail to warn health community, physicians and patient about dangerous risks. Other than this, negligent misrepresentation is another reason for filing the lawsuit.

Study proves that manufacturer C.R. Bard hides the research results of dangerous side effects and also copied the sign of an employee to get authenticated United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval on FDA application.

In 2014, FDA suggests removing IVC filters between 29th and 54th day after implantation but this safety communication comes too late that numbers of legal claims have been already filed in the court. From 2014, the counting of lawsuits against manufacturers have been increased in large numbers and many more are estimated to be filed in the coming next few months.

The Cook Gunther Tulip Filter, the Bard Recovery Filter, the Bard G2 Express Filter, the Bard G2 Filter and the Cook Celect Filter are five products involved in IVC Filter court case.

Plaintiffs get the IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements Amounts for all the losses they suffer due to the dangerous medical device without investing the money. The amount of remuneration varies from case to case and depends on various factors such as hospital payment bills, lost wages, sufferings and etc.

There are many companies that help patient harmed by this medical device to find the reputable attorney and get the compensation for several damages or injuries caused due to surgical insertion of IVC Filter into their inferior vena cava. Lawsuits are filed on the behalf of patient and families want remuneration for reactions, injuries and complications caused. No legal fees charge by the plaintiffs unless they get the settlement for all the monetary problems and pain they suffered due to IVC Filter.

People who have IVC Filter Complications Symptoms are eligible for the lawsuit but if they are suffering from complications of another drug then they are not entitled to the claims.

While surgeons and doctors are using this device to save lives by stopping a blood clot from moving to the lungs, they observe many side effects such as organ perforation, device migration, filter perforations and etc.

Hypotension, neck pain, hemorrhaging, nausea, filter fracture, confusion, thrombosis, heart rhythm problems, lightheadedness, death and pulmonary embolism are other severe side effects of IVC Filter.

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