Moon and Rahu in the 1st House

Moon and Rahu in the 1st House Poor Moon gets eclipsed in this company and is rendered less effective, whatever the distance in degrees with Rahu. If the 1st...

Moon and Rahu in the 1st House

Poor Moon gets eclipsed in this company and is rendered less effective, whatever the distance in degrees with Rahu. If the 1st house has Cancer or Leo, Rahu grants high standard of living, depending more on the money or facilities provided by others, a lot of arrogance and vanity, outwardly carefree, but inwardly bothering about every event and development in the life of self, spouse or the family. In spite of these inferior qualities, these individuals are very much given to taking good care of education, well being, health and fulfilment of needs of every member of the family including the spouse.

Rahu in her first House.

However, they do not stand disobedience from their progeny and sometimes from the spouse too. If a wife has the same combination of Moon and Rahu in her first house, she too gets angry and raises to hit the husband. Rahu (with Moon) does exhibit too much religion ism the individual, and whatever prayers the individual offers etc day, or now and then, are the personal affair of one’s own self. At the same time, Rahu doesn’t believe in the exhibition in charitable acts or charity in terms of money and in Rahu doesn’t take advantage of others’ work, and gets very when his or her work’s advantage is derived by others or goes others by mischief. Like Saturn, Rahu too in the 1st house gives ample self-confidence, capacity for hard work (if it is accord to one’s liking in accordance to education received). Otherwise, Rahu doesn’t hesitate to do job superficially or superfluously. Rahu (with Moon) gives sharp ego to the individual and has little or no tolerance to any insult to his/ her ego, by anyone, howsoever senior or older or deserving respect. Ego is Ego, nothing more and nothing less.

Combination of Moon and Rahu.

With Rahu, Moon too becomes very touchy in the L house, at least towards spouse and married life. The individual often cautions the partner that tolerance has a limit, and going beyond, carries dreadful results. It is for the other partner whether she or he takes the hint, or continues in behaviour as prior to caution. This combination doesn’t give hesitation to the individual to break a marriage by separate living, judicial separation or even divorce. And in such instances, a successor to married life is often available at hand to both the partners, sooner or a little later. A weak point in this context is that though the individual expecting tolerance from the other partner often gets exposed for own intolerance. That one-sided attitude hurts the marriage more than any other shortcoming on either side. Some astrologers allege greediness and eyes on another’s money, assets and wealth, but actual experience does not support this viewpoint. As already mentioned above, they do not want to benefit unfairly from possessions of others and at the same time do not want others to snatch their own possessions. Some people maintain the impression that Rahu grants immense wealth and growth in worldly possession and all the more so after the age of 42 years.

Rahu is connected to your income.

No, it is not so. Rahu on the another hand develops the source of income for the individual from the age of 18 years onward, and the sources go on expanding, spending on the capacity for hard work on part of the individual. One unfavourable aspect of Rahu (with Moon) in the house is often a potbelly and change from better to inferior complexion after the age of 36 years. Remedies do not help much. Rahu is more effective during its Mahadasa or sub-period under any other planet. Rahu is less effective when alone in a “house, but more effective when with any planet, and actually fill effectively when with Moon (or Sun) be in the same house in which Rahu is. Rahu gives a desire for travel, but not so much of actual travelling, and very rarely for just pleasure’s sake. No doubt, Rahu (with Moon) would mix pleasure with work for purpose of travelling. At the same time, this combination is not too keen on travel abroad or settling in a foreign land. One weakness with these individuals is that they always strive to return home as soon the work, for which travel was undertaken, gets completed or postponed by circumstances other than those under the control of the individual. All said, Rahu is given to discipline both at home and at place of work, discipline binding on self as also equally binding others.


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