Nick Grant and His Longest Suicide Note

Nick Grant and His Longest Suicide Note

Nick grant is gaining a lot of popularity on Twitter. He is known for his blogging skills and he is an excellent blogger as well. He acts cunningly as he not coming up with his real identity and social media world and even honest in all his posts. His blogs include many of the unflattering topics about him, but this is how he is.

He is in this blogging field for three years and within three years he has gained a lot of popularity among his followers. More than 18000 people are following him and he has tweeted more than 3000 times till date. People from different parts of the world are following him and appreciating his writing.

Never gave up

It is a huge achievement for him that even after being trapped in so many ups an down where he got bankrupt, homeless, hated and other negative things, he never gave up on blogging. It is a big achievement for him. Nick Grant might have faced many ups and downs but he never gave up. This made him more interesting.

With his great skills of writing, he is still working on the longest suicide note which he wants to be of one million words. Yes, you read it right. It will be the longest one. He is so good at writing which can teach you how to live a life even if you are surviving.

Never lost hope

He shares everything through his blogs and tries to tell his followers that even after so many negativity around, he never stopped following his passion. Being unstable due to different activities around him, he never made him unemployable. Even being as an unmedicated he made himself productive and secured.

Through his blogs, Nick Grant also conveyed his followers that in his journey of 36 months, for 9 months he was in a lot of stress. These 9 months have totally screwed him up but not so bad still as he is still working and didn’t give up on his job and passion at any cost. His determination always took him back to work.

Achieve journey

He still managed to have 5 beautiful girls in a serious relationship, 5 top IT projects and the saddest and painful hospitalization thrice for major emergencies. He talks about his poxy blogs as from where he started to achieve his journey of one million words of the longest suicide note, covering the manic depression.

Nick also talks about his onetime arrest, twice evictions, moving five times to 6 different cities to 5 countries, 13 most powerful medications, 799 numbers of blog posts and the goal to achieve 1 million words. He is happy that he has come up with just 1 novel in these three years and all it needs a good editing.

Nick assures that although whatever he has written is not compatible particularly with dating and their work life, nobody will ever be able to trace him as he is very careful about disguising his identity and has tried that no one can trace him through Google.

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