Psychiatrists – Your Adolescent Child May Be Suffering From Eating Disorders

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Your teenage kid may be suffering from eating disorders that are common among adolescents, ca them treated as soon as possible, say Best Child Adolescent Psychiatrist New York.

Eating disorders among adolescents are not uncommon. With puberty there are many changes in an adolescent’s body. While some may lose weight, others might gain weight in their teenage years. Upset with these bodily changes, which sometimes are absolutely natural, some adolescents may not like the new shape that their body is taking and may develop eating disorders. While experts say that females are more obsessed with their weight as they want to look like the skinny, waist zero super-models of Hollywood, adolescent males are no less. They too wan to look trim and athletic and thus, indulge in over-exercising which might not be well-received by their bodies and affecting them in a negative manner. In fact, psychologists describe eating disorders as psychological disorders that affect a teen’s behavior and his overall development. At times, a Psychiatrist needs to be consulted to make the teen understand that what he is doing is not correct and healthy. If you feel that your teenage child is going through Eating Disorders you can take them for counseling to Eating Disorders Psychiatrist New York. Some of the Psychiatrists enlisted as the Best Child Adolescent Psychiatrist New York can be reached to make your child understand whether his eating habits are right or not.

What Are Eating Disorders?

There are three main kinds of eating disorders that teenagers develop. They include: anorexia nervosa, binge eating and bulimia nervosa. They are in actuality psychological disorders that a teenager develops during his adolescence years. A teen suffering with anorexia is not happy with his/her normal body weight and thus, remains mentally disturbed about his weight. An adolescent going through binge eating disorder develops the habit of eating uncontrollably. They later feel guilty, depressed or stressed about their uncontrollable behavior. A teen with bulimia nervosa first goes through binge eating that later causes episodes of vomiting or sometimes the use of laxatives to flush out the extra calories gained by eating uncontrollably.

These eating disorders create a lot of psychological stress in the mind of the sufferer therefore, it is tough to make them realize that what they are doing is incorrect and can have serious impact on their body which is in the stage of development. Since these eating disorders occur during the time of puberty when their a number of changes in a person’s body, a person undergoing eating disorder may also be admitted to hospital to give him complete treatment. Your malnutrition may be treated by intravenous or in some cases by tube feeding as well. Best Child Adolescent Psychiatrist New York note that parents must see that their adolescent kids are not suffering from any type of eating disorder or behavioral changes and in case they see feel so they must be treated immediately.

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