Serrapeptase – A Natural Anti-inflammatory Enzyme

Serrapeptase – A Natural Anti-inflammatory Enzyme

Inflammation is a fast immune reaction resulting from damage to tissues by allergy, injury, infection or trauma. The body responds similarly in all the cases with first symptoms like an increase in blood flow to the point of damage are heat or pain, and redness. The bloodstream alerts the Immune cells to defend the area under attack and therefore releases inflammatory body substances that include cytokines, histamine, bradykinin, and pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. The chemicals are a protective reaction and cause blood vessels to discharge fluid into the tissues, creating swelling that aids to separate traumatized areas and foreign substances from further contact with healthy tissues.

Inflammation is a crucial mechanism of the body’s repair, and defense system and the responses are necessary for the healing of infections and wounds.

What Triggers Chronic Inflammation?

The cellular malfunction can cause chronic inflammation by an increase in production of free cellular acidic toxins, radicals, elevation of the levels of blood sugar levels and a rise of oxidative stress. The systemic inflammation begins due to the failure of the body in stopping the spiraling free radical chain reaction. Therefore, the oxidative stress damages genes, cellular proteins, and membranes.

Poor sleep habits, low sex hormones, exposure to toxins, lack of exercise, smoking, stress, obesity, radiation, electronic pollution and food intolerances can cause chronic inflammation.  The typical North American diet is a leading cause of chronic inflammation by promoting a low-grade acidic environment (acidosis). Research reveals that acidosis in tissues is a primary reason for the pain that comes with inflammation. Even though many medical practitioners still recommend prescription and over-the-counter drugs in dealing with soreness, some foods like green superfoods, diets low in saturated fats, mineral-rich foods, overcooked and high-sugar foods, and foods high in omega-3 fats, omega-6 fatty acids vegetables and fruits are suppressants to inflammatory factors.

Inflammation Relief with Serrapeptase Enzyme

Serratio Peptidase alias Serrapeptase is a distinct proteolytic enzyme fast gaining popularity as the best anti-inflammatory enzyme supplement.

The production of the Serrapeptase the miracle enzyme is natural by Serratia 15 (a bacteria) and takes place in the gut of silkworms where it digests the worms’ protein-based silk cocoons. The process involves isolation of the Serrapeptase enzyme, industrial processing through fermentation and coating while it’s enteric for protection from acidic effects of the stomach acid.  The recommendation is taking Serrapeptase on an empty stomach for easy absorption from the intestinal tract when it’s enzymatically active in the bloodstream.

The activity of Serrapeptase enzyme induces a breakdown of fibrin (to prevent excessive blood clots) and digests cysts, arterial plaque, dead tissue and scar tissue. Serrapeptase contains elements for pain-blocking, anti-endemic (prohibits fluid retention and swelling in tissues) and its anti-inflammatory impacts are second to no other proteolytic enzyme.

Serrapeptase doesn’t have gastrointestinal side effects and is free of inhibitory effects on the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins different from other drugs and NSAIDs.

The latest proposal by researchers is that Serrapeptase the miracle enzyme is the contributor to the development of arterial blockage. Findings are that Cardiac patients having high CRP levels ( C-reactive protein is indicative of systemic inflammation) have higher risks of future stroke, heart attack and other risk factors like high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and smoking held constant.

Dr. Hans Nieper, a German physician, and researcher and legendary medical doctor in the broad use of proteolytic enzymes, used serrapeptase in treating arterial blockage for his coronary patients and commends the enzyme as a “Miracle Enzyme” for its distinct abilities.

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