What is Medical Marijuana?

What is Medical Marijuana?

The extraction of medical marijuana is from the cannabis indica plant in its natural and pure form. There is no addition or removal to it or from it to alter its functioning. Also, the cultivation of the original plant is healthy. There is the process of extraction of the needed chemicals that are beneficial for patients from the plant to give to them. Sometimes the plant itself is vital for medicinal purpose without having to obtain some chemicals only.

The chemicals found in cannabis indica are cannabinoids, and they are over 100. The top two compounds in medical marijuana are delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). They are two essential chemicals because they can treat many diseases.

How Medical Marijuana Helps

The Federal Drug Administration has not approved medical Marijuana yet. The lack of approval is because the range of trial it has gone through is still small scale. This, however, has not deterred medical professionals from using it to treat their patients. Some of the diseases and symptoms that marijuana cures or reduce pain and discomfort for patients include:


During chemotherapy, cancer patients have side effects like nausea and vomiting. The patients can be relieved of these two symptoms by taking Detroit Legal Cannabis. It can also relieve pain caused by neurological damage. It also helps them to gain their appetites back and with the feeling of nausea gone they can enjoy their meals.

There are two pills infused with the chemical THC got approval by the Federal Drug Administration. They are Marinol and Cesamet, and they are for the cancer patients who have nausea.

Alzheimer’s disease

Detroit Provisioning Center can help patients with Alzheimer to heal with depression. It also helps them to have their appetite back on track. This helps the patients to resume their initial cognitive levels and mental health that affects how they think and how they remember things.


Medical marijuana is also a pain reliever. Seniors acquire prescriptions of the same to kill pain in some of their body parts. The application is by rubbing it on the affected area as a salve or cream that has the healing chemicals. This makes it more efficient in use. One does not have to smoke it or eat it.

Detroit Medical Marijuana is of use and is very helpful to some patients who could be otherwise suffering especially where there is a lack of alternatives. There is a lot of research into the plant. These studies hope to find out all there is to know about it. The positive effects and uses together with the adverse effects too. It is essential to look into this side to come up with solutions in later research and studies. This kind of filtering, weighing and picking out will enable us to keep the best of it and avoid the rest.

Although the uses of medical marijuana are emerging and gaining recognition by many people, there is still a need for further research and studies. To have all the facts, right trials are an essential process and the bigger the scale in which they take place the better.

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