Important guidelines for coupe menstruelle française use

France Menstrual Cup

The coupe menstruelle is made out of silicone. Rather than soaking the menstrual flow just as the sanitary napkins, it collects it.Just like you use blockade without applicator, you can also make use of menstrual cup before your menstrual cycle advances. It is mandatory to fix it correctly in order to feel comfortable. Following are essential tips that you have to consider in order to fit the menstrual cup.

How do the coupe menstruelle française work?

Making use of plastic applicators namely tampon that are used to insert and remove feasibly as per your requirement for certain activities. To insert and remove menstrual cup, you need to maintain your patience level. On using it for the first time you may not get the right place to insert the cup.Wash it properly after your menstrual cycle is over so that you can use it properly next month. Once the water gets boiled you can put the cup into it and for around ten minutes in the boiling water. It is very important tip that you need to follow. The discoloration, foul odor or any other germ will get removed in the boiling water.

People wash the cups with hot water, but it is recommended to begin with cold water. In order to refrain any discoloration, begin the rinsing with cold water. This will make certain that the dark tints do not stay in the cups for long. As of now there is no requirement for you to get peculiar cleaners to rinse the cup. Using vinegar is the best option. This helps you to get rid of smell and impurities. Vinegar is used because it has characteristics of sanitizing agent. All you require is rinse the coupe menstruelle française with this solution and that it.

Why do women like these cups? It is wise that you know the benefits before you buy also the appropriate decision for your periods. Another benefit is that the cups are made out of rubber. So no worry about the danger of type of material entering inside the vaginal wall like that of the pads. Also the coupe menstruelle économique as the name suggests is quite economical unlike other alternatives. So buying these is not a bad idea. Silicone are good for sensitive skin too since it does not lead to any kind of allergy.

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