Heating With Wood This Winter? Here Are 9 Practical Tips

As the months get colder, there’s truly nothing better than sitting around next to a warm fire. Heating wood to keep warm is one of the best and somewhat nostalgic way to stay toasty during winter. However, you should know practical tips on how to heat with wood to get the most out of your experience and avoid any mistakes. To help you out, here are 9 practical tips that you need to know.

Have the Right Tools

It’s important that you have the right tools to start up a fire. For instance, a good axe will help you a lot when you are gathering wood to pile up in the fire pit. However, if you can’t find any trees around you for firewood, you can always get logs for sale in places like Green Olive Firewood.

Have the Right Safety Equipment

Besides having a trusty axe with you, you need to be safe. Using the proper techniques and safety equipment is crucial when you’re getting wood. Make sure you have the basics like thick gloves and safety glasses to avoid damaging those areas.

Keep It Dry

An important tip to remember to do is to always make sure that the wood is very dry before using it. This also means that you should properly store any wood for the future in very dry places. Typically, it’ll be a year until the wood is completely dry and ready for burning, so you could always just purchase firewood if you’re in a rush.

Keep Out the Vermin

Pests are a lot more common than you may think. One little termite or a few bugs could be the start of ruining all the logs that you have. Just store the right amount away and we urge you to never use pesticides on the wood.

A Clean Chimney

You never know what could be hiding in your chimney. Make sure to have your chimney inspected and cleaned once a year, whether or not you have used it within the year. You never know if you’ll suddenly have a bird’s nest or too much soot lurking in your chimney.

Know What Not to Burn

Why we all probably have figured that you should burn wood, you should still be aware of what you should avoid burning. This could be dangerous to you and the environment. Some things you should never burn are foil, treated wood, plastic, magazines, garbage like diapers, etc.

Have Enough Air

Fire requires oxygen to keep on burning. You should also ensure that the fireplace or chimney that you are using creates a good fire whilst creating less smoke (keep in mind wet wood creates more smoke no fire whereas dry wood creates more fireless smoke).

Don’t Put Too Much

You don’t want to overstuff the fireplace or box. It would be better to keep the fuel going by adding loads whenever needed instead of having too much at one go.

Kill the Fire

Keeping the fire open in or near your home while you’re sleeping is not only dangerous but bad for the environment.

By learning these practical tips, you’ll be in for a super warm winter.
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