Here are 4 courses in diploma in finance and banking to pursue after graduation

In this cut-throat competitive environment graduation is merely not enough. Typically, a post-graduation or a professional diploma is needed after graduation to secure financially-sound lucrative jobs. When it comes to courses after graduation, there are several that one can choose from and it depends on the field you wish to pursue your career in.

The banking industry is one of the most vital sectors of the Indian economy. With the swift development and evolution of the services and products provided by banks, and a rising need for financial inclusion in our nation, there is a massive demand for professionals with specialized insight and skills. These encompass areas such as Credit Management, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Trade Finance. Even insurance as a sector is fast becoming more popular. These fields are estimated to grow further which only means that there would be more jobs available. So if you’re considering post-graduation courses then diplomas in finance and banking would be a great option.

Let’s look at four courses that offer immense insight into banking and finance as a post-graduate diploma.

PGDM Banking and Finance

Set up by the Reserve Bank of India and supported by the Government of India, PGDM Banking and Finance delivers important Banking courses, Economics courses and Finance courses. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Banking & Financial Services) is its front runner program aimed at generating quality professionals in the Indian banking sector. The curriculum extends over an expansive range of topics dealing with the management of banks and financial institutions, which comes with asset liability management, risk management, forex and treasury management.

PGB Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Investment banking is a lucrative job and a dream profile for several who wish to pursue a career in finance. This 10 month/part-time Post-Graduate Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets (PGB IB & CM) has been designed to equip students to become expert finance professional armed with a skillset in Investment Banking and Capital Markets. The program has an all-encompassing curriculum that comprises the nitty-gritties of Investment Banking, Equity Research, Credit Analysis, Project Finance, IPO Analysis, Financial Analysis and so forth. Do consider this as one of the banking courses to complete if you wish to pursue Investment banking in the future.

Banking and Finance

When you’re considering courses after graduation, the post graduate program in Banking and Finance (PGPBF) showcases all around skill and insight of banking operations including international trade and finance, FOREX markets, bank credit, legal environment of banking and IT systems in banking. The program hopes to equip the students for managerial profiles at Probationary Officer/Management Trainee/Executive Trainee levels.

Actuarial Science

If you’re thinking of any post-graduation courses, then Actuarial Science is a great option. An ‘actuary’ is usually an individual having expertise in risk analysis in diverse aspects of insurance. Their work profile in life and general insurance business comes with designing and pricing of policies, determining premium to be charged, making sure the adequacy of the funds to deliver the assured benefits. There is immense requirement for actuaries overseas and it is slowly increasing in India as well. In order to become an actuary, a candidate needs to pass all 15 exams taken by the Institute of Actuaries in India (IAI) and have practical work experience of 3 years.

Acquiring a diploma in Finance and Banking is a wise option to consider after graduation as the sector of banking and insurance is very lucrative with a promising future. A safe and financially sound career can be achieved by choosing to pursue finance.

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