Here Comes The McDonald’s Chef Challenge

McDonald’s has always been at the forefront of introducing new tastes, so it’s natural that the one-of-a-kind initiative of the Chef Challenge is launched by them, by asking budding chefs from various Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) colleges located across the country, to create their own version of a McDonald’s burger.

At the McDonald’s Chef Challenge, the excitement always runs high. In the first round, named ‘Remix and Remake’, the participants try to make their own version of the burger using McDonald’s buns and patties, but adding their personal touch by choosing their favorite salad and dressing. The contestants who create the most appetizing burgers are declared the winners and then try their hand at creating an entire burger using their own recipe, for the final round. Last year it was held in Mumbai.

McDonald’s Chef Challenge is back now and it’s going to be even bigger this time. Like last year, IHMs will host the event again. The contest is open to 2nd/3rd year Hotel Management students at IHM campuses of Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. This time, it reaches two new cities- Pune and Trivandrum as well.

No matter whether one is a winner or not, the participants are certainly guaranteed to have an unforgettable time. Interactions with renowned names and key stakeholders of McDonald’s will add to their learning journey. They will get an opportunity to visit McDonald’s facilities and get to know the brand up-close and personal.

This year round, the rounds of the competition are as usual, with the ‘Remix and Remake’ round, with the participants will have to make their version of a McDonald’s burger. In the second round i.e. Grand Finale, the shortlisted participants will have to create a whole new burger of their own.

But the stakes are higher this time round, as the reward that the finalist will get will be worth fighting for. Each one of the finalists will have to put their best foot forward so as to be able to at least make it to the finals, and they already have enough inspiration for it. McDonald’s has announced that the finalists will get a sneak peak of the McDonald’s India supply chain: They will be taken for a visit to a Vista Processing unit and a bakery in Pune. This means not only will the finalists be able to get a head start when it comes to acquiring knowledge of the industrial aspect of the QSR business but they will also get top take a look at and understand the working of a McDonald’s food supply chain, which is one of the most efficient and developed supply chains and systems in the world.

Now what can the customers and fans of McDonald’s hope to get out of this? Well, if you get lucky, there is a good chance that you will get to taste the winning burger. It is very likely that the winner may come up with a future McDonald’s menu item. You heard it right, the best burger has an actual chance to get a place in McDonald’s menu.

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