Here's How A Digital Printer Can Help Your Business Save Money

Trying to print 500 copies of a 15-page fully-coloured print project using the office printer is a nightmare. While the office printer is more than capable of handling smaller print jobs, it cannot survive the high demand for continuously printing hundreds of copies. Chances are, either the ink will run out, the printer will jam, or worse it completely breaks down and you still have 200 more copies to go.

Instead of risking the printing job at the office, why not consider professional digital printers Kent company for their services? Here’s how a local mailing house Kent will help you save money on all of your future printing needs:

Cheaper Than A Printing Press

Hiring digital printers Kent professionals is more affordable than getting the prints made by an offset printing press. A mailing house has all the equipment on house to create high-quality and commercial grade prints without costing too much. Instead of using large plates like a traditional offset printer to transfer images to paper, a digital printing press transfers the image directly from the computer to paper.

A reliable mailing house Kent will not have such a large minimum number of prints which allows you to print smaller batches without wasting too much money. The use of digital printers means you get to save thousands of pounds without sacrificing the print quality.

Fast Printing Saves Time

A digital printer can do the work of a traditional offset printer faster and more efficiently. There is barely any hard labour required to finish a set of 500 full-colour brochures using a digital printer. Some businesses might think that investing in an in-office laser printer is more efficient, but that is until a higher volume of prints is needed at a moment’s notice. Chances are the office printer won’t even reach half the volume without needing a day’s break.

On the other hand, a digital printer at a mailing house can easily print all 500 copies of the brochure in an hour! If the prints are needed right away, they can be shipped and delivered to the office within the day. No time and money is wasted because everyone remains as productive as ever!

Easy Print Customization

There are many instances where one batch of printed documents or booklets require a few customisations here and there. This is also possible with the use of the laserjet printer and really fast editing skills, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to ensure all customisations are correct. A digital printer uses a special software that allows immediate customisation on the output while the printer is running.

The changes, no matter how small, can be programmed and each piece can be individually customised with very little effort. This special perk is completely impossible with a traditional offset printing press.

Hire a mailing house to handle all of your small and large scale printing needs from now on and be amazed at how much the company can start to save even after just one printing project.
Whether you need digital printers Kent or mailing house Kent, TMB International is ready to serve. We've been in the business for 30 years and continue to expand our client base.

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