History behind Homework

Every person across his student days at least once would have wondered about who invented this homework. The answer is “Roberto Nevilis”. He is an Italian teacher and with no surprise it is said that he used to be very strict among his students. Many educational experts have agreed to the fact that the education system has improved a lot since the homework was introduced. 1905 is the exact year home work was introduced. According to Roberto Nevilis he saw education has a tool to improve student’s creativity and imagination and provide them freedom, confidence and individuality. But as time has moved on are students overcooked? As all know too much of anything is good for nothing it looks like home work which was introduced to help the students is making them feel stressed and depressed. Even a grown up MBA student feels he is stuffed with too much of homework and feels without the MBA Assignment Writing Service it is nearly impossible to complete their work.


However the role of homework and the motive of it have taken a drastic change and nowadays students are not comfort with too much of homework. Students these days believe that homework is not a mandatory one but a scientific research says the other way that homework plays an important role in increasing the quality of student’s knowledge.

According to the Roberto the purpose of him inventing homework is to help the students

  • To avoid students from hesitating
  • To provide them individuality
  • To plan and work
  • To involve completely

This is has changed and many feel homework as a depression and waste of time. To reduce the stress of students as they find less time to do it there are many Mba Essay Writing Service and Accounting Homework Help who complete students work on their requirement basis.





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