3 Ways to Channel the Rustic Charm in Your Bathroom Décor

When you are planning a home renovation, do you know what the only area that often you miss is? It is the bathroom, the most personal space in the...

When you are planning a home renovation, do you know what the only area that often you miss is? It is the bathroom, the most personal space in the whole house that you often miss out while decking up your home. So, if you are thinking of giving your bathroom a retouch, then you are thinking on a right track. Now, it is the time when you should think of deciding the theme of the bathroom. Are you thinking that you can just randomly throw in stuff you like to deck up the place? If yes, then please refrain from the thought. Instead of teaming the random things together, go by a definite theme that will not only make your bathroom look stunning but will also help you keep a balance in your home décor.

So, if you are wondering which theme should be perfect for your bathroom, then you must know that there are several factors you have to take care of. The size of the space, the expected foot traffic, the number of people sharing the bathroom and the bath fittings and plumbing are such things that you need to give the utmost priority. Apart from this, visual appeal is also important. So, if you are planning to create a bathroom for your home that will be warm and cozy while offering utmost functionality in minimal décor, then go for a rustic theme. How can you channelize it in the bathroom décor? To know that, take a look at the following points.

Cherry Bathroom Vanities

One of the most important features in a bathroom is the bathroom vanity. On one hand, it offers the maximum storage in the space. On the other, it attributes to the visual appeal of the space too. So, when you are thinking of incorporating something that will give a character to your bathroom décor, getting a bathroom vanity can be the best idea. Now, for a rustic bathroom, nothing can be better than a cherry vanity. The rich hue and texture will make the piece a beautiful one while adding up to the rustic essence. And if you are choosing neutral shades for the walls, this will suit them too. So, when you are going to look for discount bathroom vanities, go for cherry.

Brick Wall

No, I am not saying to make the whole bathroom with open bricks. But one wall can be a brick one too. This is will essentially make the space look rustic and effortlessly raw. To perk up the rustic charm, go for steampunk styled lights on the wall that will make the space look just out of a storybook of Thomas Hardy. The metallic touch of the light and the bath fittings will be perfect to pair with the open brick wall and the cherry wood cabinet.

Add Baskets

Have you ever been to an old country house? Or do you remember the country rustic charm of your grand parent’s house? If yes, then you surely remember how they used to keep cane baskets in the bathroom for storing towel. I know that you are already investing on a vanity to keep your bathroom essentials. But placing a small sized cane basket on the countertop will help you to keep the few things regularly organized while keeping up with the décor.

So, now as you know about these tips what are you waiting for? Find out a reputed store for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities and order your vanity and basket along with lights immediately.

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