5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Buying a Jacuzzi

Having a Jacuzzi at home ensures that you can relax, rejuvenate and unwind, as and when you feel the need for it. Installing it at home has been on...

Having a Jacuzzi at home ensures that you can relax, rejuvenate and unwind, as and when you feel the need for it. Installing it at home has been on the wish-list of many among us. But, they go horribly wrong when it comes to fulfilling that wish. If you are also looking to enjoy the peaceful retreat of a Jacuzzi at your abode, make sure that you avoid these 5 mistakes while buying a Jacuzzi tub.

Depending on the Jet Count

While researching for Jacuzzis/Hot Tubs, many people start with the jet counts. They think that the more the number of jet counts, the better the spa is. That’s a myth. If you’re judging it by the different varieties of jets in a Jacuzzi, then you are probably on the right path. You need to also check that those jets are strategically placed to offer you therapeutic benefits and cure problems such as injuries, neck pain, backaches, etc. Furthermore, it should also allow you to control the pressure and flow of the water. So always remember, high jet count doesn’t necessarily imply a stimulating experience.

Not looking for what’s on the inside

Ah, the superficial human! If it looks good on the outside, it must be good on the inside too. NO! You need to check that the hot tub is properly insulated and has the ability to withstand climatic changes. For e.g. if you live in a cold area, a Jacuzzi tub with full foam insulation is recommended for you. Not ensuring this will lead to extravagant electricity bills as full foam insulation ensures that there are no leaks. Also, keep in mind that, on the outside, the Jacuzzi has a thermoplastic shell and is made using either durable acrylic or a vinyl ester resin skin or has a bond laminate.

Doing it yourself
“It’s the 21st Century. We have got access to internet. There are so many videos on YouTube. I am sure I will be able to pull it off if I choose to install a Jacuzzi tub by myself.” That’s where people have gone wrong and so will you, if you think like them and this may lead to an unsuccessful attempt at DIY Jacuzzi Tub Installation. If it goes wrong at this stage, you might as well say goodbye to your money. Jacuzzi Tub Installation also includes electricity and is not just about plumbing. Had it been basic, which you manage on your own on a daily basis, it would have been fine. But this is something that’s quit intricate. So, do not think of cutting corners when it comes to Jacuzzi Tub Installation.

Ignoring the after-sale service

Discussing the after-sale service/guarantee/warranty is something that many of the customers, miss. They feel that if it’s written on the card, it’s enough. We will see when something goes wrong. But that’s not how it works. There are a lot of terms and conditions associated with the after-sale service. Sort it out, pre-hand and purchase only from a dealer who has good credibility in offering after-sale support.

Poor Maintenance Routine

To ensure that your investment offers you long-term benefits, you need to have a proper maintenance routine. There are some Do’s and Don’ts that you have got to adhere to. Clean it often so that you can get inside without getting disgusted. Check with the dealer about the type of cleanser you can use to ensure that the interior is not eaten away by chemicals. In case your Jacuzzi is placed outside, arrange a cover and keep the insect repellents, at hand. Additionally, keep a tab on how much electricity it is drawing. If it goes beyond a threshold, consult a professional for a solution.

With proper research, planning and a professional’s help for a Jacuzzi Tub Installation, you can easily ensure that you don’t make the above mentioned mistakes and save your time, money and get the most out of your investment. Jacuzzi owners often suggest that one can find the best Jacuzzi tubs at affordable rates in Delhi.

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