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The most important element that marks a beautiful home or an office is the interiors of the area. If you are wondering, if that really matters, yes it is...

The most important element that marks a beautiful home or an office is the interiors of the area. If you are wondering, if that really matters, yes it is and that is the major reason why people around the world spend much money towards making wonderful interiors of the home. One of the major elements that go behind the interiors is the wood and the furniture that is made out of it. Teak is the major and also costly material that is used to make your furniture look richer. There are several qualities and benefits to using teak in the furniture. These are naturally extracted materials having their own charm.

Since last many decades or even centuries, wood has been found as an immortal piece of décor that makes your home look cozy and give it the feeling of comfort. Teak is rich in oil and hence it’s used in varieties of purposes including furniture. It is resistant to any outside weather because of its strong properties. There is a lot of Burma Teak Wood Suppliers in Dubai from where you can buy natural teak wood but WBT Ltd. is one of the companies that are major suppliers and the most reliable too.

Teak is often regarded as the king of wood and is a native to some of the tropical regions such as Myanmar, Thailand, and India. It’s also available in different countries and some countries source it for making some of the finished products. Burma Teak is naturally grown, it is naturally very dense and it is highly durable. The average age of the Burma Teak tree is over 100 years; round logs are extracted from the tree. The plantation and harvests happen after fifteen to twenty years. 

Benefits of using Burma teak wood

Just like any other object, Burma teak is used to adorn homes with its beautiful qualities. It is dense and it is richer in its quality. Burma teak’s use has been sorted for centuries old, it has been in use to deck the very great Titanic, it has been in use to build the British settlement in Rangoon. Burma Teak is the first preference timber for several craftsmen. It has a golden color that can lighten up the living spaces giving a unique look.

Burma teak has an oil component that makes it resistant to termites, bacteria and any kind of dampness. Hence, whatever furniture is made out of teak wood lasts for many years together. They are practically used in every sphere and area we could think of. The different applications and industries that use Burma teak wood are the furniture, skirting, veneers, carvings, etc. WBT is the reliable Burma Teak Wood Suppliers for good quality teak wood at best rates. They offer the finest quality of wood that is sourced from dense forests of tropical countries. It’s the beauty of the teak wood that makes it really make any place shine for giving it a woody look.

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